Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween 2011 Suprise II - Hunt gift (Darkly Delicious hunt)

Dark circle of life Earrings (Blood) NT version

Specially designed for Darkly Delicious Hunt @ Second life.

What? Free
Perm? Copy only
When? 29 Oct - 12 Nov 2011
Where? Main Shop
find the cherry with the hints:-
"A soul turned into a black creature flying towards the light in the dark side of the castle. "

Halloween 2011 Suprise I - Gift for public

Black Widow Necklace NT

Specially designed as free gift for this Halloween 2011 . Gift for public. inside the pack have both male & female size.

What? Free
Perm? Copy only
Where? Halloween area @ Main Shop

Just find the pumpkin :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Vera Vanessa the Summer Butterfly

Vera Vanessa collection is my 2011 virtual jewelry design which is replica of the Queen of My precious Summer 2011 Jewels that specially designed for the Queen of My Precious contest summer season. Story behind this design can read Queen of My precious Summer 2011 Jewels - Vera Vanessa. Size of this jewels on avatar can check the picture on my blog post Butterfly Fairy tale.


Vera Vanessa Queen Crown all

Due to prim limitations, this should be attached to two attachment points of your avatar.

Vera Vanessa Princess Crown all

Vera Vanessa Mini Crown all


Vera Vanessa Sceptre all


Vera Vanessa Necklace S1 all

Due to prim limitations, this should be attached to two attachment points of your avatar. and this come out 2 styles of necklace.

Vera Vanessa Necklace S2 all

Vera Vanessa Necklace S3 all


Vera Vanessa Earrings all

Vera Vanessa Earrings S2 all

Vera Vanessa Earrings S3 all

Vera Vanessa Earrings S4 all

Vera Vanessa Earrings S5 all

Where to buy?
Main Shop

Queen of My precious Summer 2011 Jewels - Vera Vanessa

In early 2011, I designed a brand new exclusive crown & Jewels for the winners of Agnes Finney Fashion house named as Vera Vanessa. Just like my Crown for 2010 Queen of My Precious (more can read post 1, post 2, Post 3, Post 4, Post 5 ), the whole collections are get inspiration from Agnes Finney's logo & her fashion style. So butterfly are still the main theme of this 2011 Summer Winner jewels collections.

When I started designing this collection, it bring me back to the day when we started our first collaboration work VernaRosa the Spring Rose. Comparing to her nowadays well-known Lace fashions, Agnes really improve rapidly. Life- cycle of butterfly suddenly came up to my mind. Egg--> Larva --> pupa -->finally to the gorgeous butterfly. You can see her blood & sweat in her creations. So I put all these idea into this Summer Queen jewels- Vera Vanessa the summer butterfly.

Winner Crown & Jewels:-

Crown for Queen of My Precious 2011 Summer

The Queen crown:- You can see there are two butterflies in the middle of the crown, holding the egg of the future Queen of butterfly (the marquise ruby surrounding with tiny round cut diamonds). I used Red ruby as red is the colour of Agnes Finney Fashion house . The changing colour tone of pink gems on the butterflies wings imply the sparkling & success of Agnes. You can also see that when these two butterflies combined together comes up an gorgeous butterfly queen. Beside this big butterfly are two larvas the caterpillars holding the teardrop pearls implies they are growing to be the top of the butterflies.

Necklace for Queen of My Precious 2011 Summer

The Queen Necklace:- The main pattern is the upside down of the middle pattern of the Queen crown. The teardrop rubies imply the happiest, beauty, gorgeous , classy this queen of butterflies bring to these sl world. Due to prim limitations, this necklace have to be attached to two part of attachment point which comes up two styles.

Earrings S1 for Queen of My Precious 2011 Summer Earrings S2 for Queen of My Precious 2011 Summer Earrings S3 for Queen of My Precious 2011 Summer
Scepter for Queen of My Precious 2011 Summer

Queen Earrings & Scepter:- they are base on the crown & the necklace to comes up these designs of the matching pieces.

The following runner- up & the monthly top 3 winner jewels are base on the Queen jewels to design.

Runner-up Crown & Jewels:-

Crown for Princess of My Precious 2011 Summer
necklace for Princess of My Precious 2011 Summer
Earrings for Princess of My Precious 2011 Summer

Monthly Top 3 Crown & Jewels:-

MP monthly Princess 2011 summer prize

In June 2011, My Precious Summer Queen 2011: Miss Elle Ahren have been crowned. Summer Queen contest 2011 already ended but doesn't mean the end of the contest! As the winter one is coming!! I will designed another Winter crown & jewels for Agnes future Winter Queen of My Precious 2011. Will share with you the winter winner jewels when I finish ^^.

Want to own the Exclusive winter Queen jewels?! Want to be the one in Agnes' My Precious special edition ?! Get the application form at Main Shop NOW!

Love this summer Queen collections? Sorry, this colour combinations of this set are not for sale BUT you can buy the replica in other colour gems & metal combinations at Main Shop NOW! Please read the next blog post :))

Friday, August 19, 2011

Zivanit the lily of Valley

Zivanit model 2

Zivanit was my early 2009 design that specially designed for RFL event in raising funds for the American Cancer Society. The story of this set is the continue of the Kielo. Zivanit is a name that means lily of the Valley. Lily of the Valley :- Return of happiness, purity of heart, sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, you've made my life complete, humility, happiness, love's good fortune.

By request, more gems colour is now available for your selections. This set includes a necklace & a pair of earrings.

Zivanit necklace white

Zivanit earrings white

Where to buy?Alienbear's

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bubble Dream

Bubble Dream necklace all

Bubble Dream earrings all

Bubble Dream belly ring all

Bubble Dream was my July 2011 design specially for Chic Management hunting event. This set have earrings, necklace & belly ring. Have 9 colours for your selections.

I get inspiration from my bubble bath one day when I back home from school. I was horribly busy and sleepy after few days overnight work. That night my brain was empty. I jumped into my lavender bubble bathing & start to play with those bubbles. I was frustrated & feeling lonely due to those never-ending works. Suddenly thought of my SL mom AZULL Ash who always tell me she feel lonely. I looked at my bubbles & suddenly comes out a crazy thought! If me Ali can turn into bubbles & tie on mom AZULL neck, ears & belly & hand & arm.. I can be always with her protecting her & let her feel of love. Just like a teddy bear hugs by me! Because of this bubble bath, I come up this fun design.

Do you have the same feeling as me having someone in your mind want to protect forever; hug forever; love forever? Let's turn into bubbles , tie on her neck and be the body guard of the one you love, you care. Let her know you will be always by her side no mater where she is. Great gift for your mom, your daughter and your beloved one!

Permission:- transferable with necklace modifiable
Where to buy? Main Shop

P.S. The green necklace & earrings are selected to be donated to the Platinum hunt events, please check this post for details.

Alienbear's gift @ Platinum Hunt of Chic Management

Event:- Platinum hunt by Chic Management

What gift?
Bubble dream necklace & Earrings set Green
(please check next post for the story behind this design.)
Alienbear's Chic 2011 Aug Platinum hunt 10L gift

How much? $10L (will back to original price after event)

Permission? Copy only

What is the hunt box look like?

The Platinum Hunt item

Hint? 'Go down the avenue'
When? 12 -31 August 2011
Where? Main Shop

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sharmila collections @ Elikatira

Sharmila poster II for Elikatira

Sharmila necklace was my Feb 2011 design that suppose to be designed for the Vday 2011. However I was so busy in real life so didn't have time to make the matching pieces until now. In celebrating my new satellite shop open in Elikatira, I put this Sharmila series as an exclusive set there.

Alienbear's Exclusive set at Elikatira

This series includes a tiny crown, necklace & earrings. This time I tried to play with the colour stones. The main colour theme of this set is red & white. This set is inspired by scarf and love.
Sharmila is an Indian name means "protection, comfort, joy".

" My Heart is linking with your Heart baby. I will always be with you, protecting you & loving you. " Man tied this choker on his lover neck and said softly.

Sharmila mini crown white-red

Sharmila N&E set white-red

Different colour tones of red gems & pink gems are used in this design. The huge ruby heart represent the man heart which always stands in front of his lover, protecting her cold heart (white diamond heart) and let her feel of warm, love & passion. The whole choker just like a scarf, hold her neck tight so let her feel of protection & love. Color gems & different gems cutting comes up the illusion of the folding scarf. Her heart link with his heart form this scarf like choker.

The matching earrings are very simple each with a small ruby hearts & a bit bigger white heart cut- diamond. Each of them surround by tiny little round diamonds.

The whole design are simple but in details. Though these pieces are small but still elegant. A bit different to my Royal series, this collections are more modern but still elegant. It suit all occasions no matter causal wear or formal wear.

Where to buy? ONLY @ our Satellite shop at Elikatira (Elikatira 67, 75, 36)

Monday, June 06, 2011

Ziva Bracelets & forehead tiara collections

Ziva model 1

Ziva forehead tiara pinky

Ziva bracelets pinky

Ziva II bracelets pinky

Here are the matching forehead tiara & bracelets in Ziva collections ( Ziva I & Ziva II ). Will release more gems stone selections & pieces soon.

Where to buy? Main Shop

June 2011 member gift - Ziva II necklace, earrings & headpieces

Alienbear's June 2011 gift copy only

This Ziva II was modify from Ziva series.

Pre- release as gift for member of "Alienbear design and Le'Cameo Lovers". After June, it will release at normal price at main shop.

Perm for this gift version:- copy only

What inside? necklace, earrings & forehead tiara

How much? FREE

How to get?
Join Alienbear Design & Le'Cameo Lovers in second life ; wear your group tag; go to member shop at Hickok 97 184 278 ; Touch board to get

When? Now till 30 June 2011

** This Ziva II necklace can be wearing with part 2 of Ziva I necklace and comes out another style of necklace.

Ziva model 3

Free ZIva for GLANCE | International Agency

GLANCE june 2011 gift copy only

Ziva Earrings was my Early Mar 2011 virtual jewelry design for second life. Didn't have chance to release till now adding a matching necklace. I donate this pinky colour set to GLANCE international agency as gift for this JUNE 2011. and will back to normal price after JUNE. Due to prim limitation, necklace have to wear on 2 attachment point that comes out 2 designs.

Ziva means Brilliance & Bright. The pearl is the main gem in this design. I get inspirations from spring flowers. In early Spring, A shy lady (the form of flower bud) who is Brilliance & bright deeply inside her heart (Pearl) waiting for her Mr. Right to open her heart. Just like a Flower are now in bud waiting for irrigation in Spring.

Different from my normal work, this time I tried to make something small but delicate. If you zoom closer to the set, you will see I tried to use colour in red group for the gems - light pink, hot pink & red to make the whole design more colourful & animated. To put life into this Ziva collections. It suit all occasions. You can find matching forehead tiara & bracelets at main shop too. Please check the picture on the next blog post.

How much? FREE until the 4 July 2011
Permission? COPY only for this gift version
How to get? Join GLANCE International A-List group today! , touch the board at main shop to get
Where? Main Shop

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sakura Wishes for JRF charity event

Sakura wishes necklace draft

April 2011 design for virtual world second life. Specially designed for the Charity event Japan Relief Fundraiser in raising funds for the Americares to help Japan 11 Mar 2011 Tsunami Survivors.

Due to sl prim limits, This necklace have to be attached to 2 parts of body. & this comes out 2 styles. This design were combining my previous Sakura collections with my Halloween 2009 Faye pumpkin design. Representing joy, love, warmth, peace will bring to Japan people with the support of everyone around the world. SL is a virtual world that consist of different people from different country. I believed that our little donations will help a lot to the Japan people who sufer from this tragedy.

100% of fund raising from this necklace will be go to Americares. It will be on-going fund raising.

The matching pieces & colour will be release soon :) Will tell you the story behind this design when I released more pieces & colour.

Permission:- MOD/ Trans

Where to buy?
JPF Event sim ay Golden Valley 163,143,22 Or Main Shop

May14-May 29 2011 for JPF event place
Long term on-going donation at main shop

What thing can better than not just make your avatar pretty but also can make your real self the prettier in helping others :) Please noted that during the event at JPF event sim, I selected some pieces donate to this event too. 75% of the pieces I selected that show in the JPF event sim will go to Americares too :) Thanks all for your support :)