Friday, February 11, 2011

Vday Special :- FOR MEMBERS

Queen Posesiva crown was my Nov 2009 Design, story can read Alienbear Jewelry Design: Queen Posesiva the Queen of Hearts. Now it have a special discount for member of "Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers"

Queen Posesiva Vday special crown

Original price at main shop:- $900L (transferable)
Discount price for member:- $100L only! (copy only)

When? Feb 2011 , will back to original price afterwards
1. Join "Alienbear design & Le' Cameo Lovers" in sl;
2 Wear group tag & visit member shop ; and
3. you can buy it at $100L!!!

Enjoy :)

Vday Special:- Queen Posesiva special

Queen Posesiva was my Nov 2009 Design, story can read Alienbear Jewelry Design: Queen Posesiva the Queen of Hearts. As keep recieving many request asking if I can make it as red. So in this Vday I make their dream come true. Not only this but Start from now till last day of Feb, all of you going to have a big discount of the following pieces. Just $50L each! and They is transferable!!! Great for gifting to your ownself, your friend or the one you love.

Queen Posesiva I Vday special N&E set

Queen Posesiva II Vday special N&E set

Queen Posesiva Vday special sceptre

In Feb 2011, each these will be just $50L! will back to the original price afterwards.

Don't miss it! Transferable.

Where? Alienbear's Vday area (

You can also find some other hearts or Vday pieces in this area:-
- Queen Posesiva the Queen of Hearts
- Princess Venus
- River of Love
FENG HUANG the true love
- Airen
- and more

Happy valentine's day!

Vday Specials - Free Gift Only You set

vday2011gift Only you N&E set

Feb 2011 virtual jewelry design for second life.

A "Love seed" for you. I believe every relationship are starting from a Love seed. When you fall in love with someone else, is the time for the love seed sprouted. May my love can share with all of you in this Vday. :)

Gift for Public @ this Vday
When? Feb 2011
Perm? copy only
How much? 0L

More colour for Jennaa Rosa

Jennaa Rosa was my Dec 2010 design. Story you can read Jennaa Rosa the rose buds. Now release more colour:-

Where to buy?

More colour for Queen Aphrodite

Queen Aphrodite was my Oct 2010 design. Story pls read When the best meet the best- King Zeus & Queen Aphrodite Now release more colour.

I made a matching sceptre for this set too. Will have more colour in matching other colour set soon.