Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Double bands Gemstone Stars Belly chain

To match the Gemstone Star Set (Modify from Apirl 2006 Design), I designed this Double band Star belly chian. It has 10 colours for your selections. They are in Modify & transfer mode. With Controlable tiny sparkling like all my other jewelries.
If you buy the FATPACK (no transfer) in a nearly half discount price, you can also get the SPECIAL EDITIONS star belly chain (See the left hand corner of the following Fatpack picture & the large picture).

If you want to get this SPECIAL EDITIONS belly chain in transfer version, no worry! Just find the above pictures at 3/F Alienbear Design main store And sit on the prize chairs that in front of it for couple of hours and you will get it for FREE!
Well, It is not only a camping chair but also are lucky chair too lol as if you got kicked before the required sitting time, you will need to start over again !!! lol But if you can sit for required time, you will get this lovely colourful stars belly chain for FREE. Why not try some luck when you have time? !!
The Simple Star Belly rings are ready & will release soon! So keep check out my blog :D

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gemstone Star Set (Modify from Apirl 2006 Design)

This is modify from my Late April 2006 design. Well, star is simple & common so maybe you saw it everywhere no matter in rl or sl but star is one of my favourite so I redo this last year old design by changing the necklace part to more details; by changing the studs post; by making a hanging earring design for leting all elegant lady suit more outfit; add more colour.. yes now have 10 colours in total. I even place out a FATPACK for the one who want to have all colours. Sure fatpack have a huge discount (half price of the original ones :D) but with no transfer options.

Same as all my designs it has controlable sparkle; it is crafted by prim.. maybe you will ask "Ali, you seems a bit outdated . Why you still make prim one when others use sculpties to make everything in world? " Yes, as first it was my real old design when there was no sculpties in world & that star make by 10 prims so want to keep the stars back; Second is .. I have zero art background in rl & very bad on 3D drawings lol Think about a lady who suck at photoshop, how can she know how to make sculpties lol

Ok here the followings shows all the gemstone colours of this star set design:-

Available at :- 2/F Alienbear Design main store

Want to back to the past & see how the old design look like & how ugly was the model (--> me) looked like?..

PS. 2 Hairs at the top 2 pictures are from Calla while the cute lil tees are from Mis chief.
hairs on the april 2006 pictures are from .. (forget sorry) while the 2 elegant princess dress are from my favorite Silver Rose Design.

Monday, July 16, 2007


After Apr/May luckychair gifts, I 've been so busy in rl & sl. So many Alienbear design fans keep asking me when will I make the new luckychair gifts. & yes the 5 lucky chairs gifts in Alienbear Design main store finally ready in this month!!!

This lucky chair gifts are a very gorgeous Queen Heidi white set with Crown, necklace, earrings, bracelet & ... RING!! So many of my fans keep pushing me to make rings since 2005 but I never have confident to make any. But now I give a try! & make this special & gorgeous ring! You can go to My personal blog (Ring front view/ Ring side view)to check the close up view of this ring! In my previous Lucky Chair gifts, I never have any Crown or ring as gifts so this is so worth to collect this elegant set.

You never can collect the full set? No worry, Same as one in April/May, I will have the full set in the mob ven with starting price $2000L , More friend you bring to the front of the mobVen, More lower will be the price of this set. The lowest price of it will be $299L!!

It will be placed in main castle from today to 30 Sept 2007. Same as all my previous lucky chair gifts, they are:-
- not for sell now or in the future
- transferable
- just can be collect from the luckychair Or buy from mobven.

Other 7 chairs in gold line & kid line will be update soon, so keep checking my design blogs or check my inworld update group for any future release!

Get ready now! & go to Alienbear Design main store to find all 5 chairs & collect this full set NOW!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Double band Diamond Set (Modify from Mar2006 design)

The Double band round diamond choker was my Mar2006 design. Now I make a double loop earring to match it. Btw , I make a prim heart & prim star to replace the round diamond & make another 2 set for your selections. Cute, Simple & elegant!

Now available at 1/F Alienbear Design Formal Jewerly level .
Below was the Mar2006 ads of the choker.. look what a uglist bride lol Thanks for my face surgery doc Lost of Naughty Island in changing me to that cute & elegant face now lol

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yuriko Pearl Set (Modify from Feb2006 design)

This set is modified & updated from my Feb 2006 Yuriko White & Pink Pearl Design. I made this to match the dress (the one I am wearing in the picture) that designed by the awesome Victoria & Princess dress designer Yuriko Muromachi (Silver Rose Design). She made the texture choker & I saw that & help her to make the prim choker that similar to hers one. The choker was one of my popular jewelry till I do a clearence sales in Dec2006 & then I put that in my online shop for sell :D

Now I modify the back part & then make it to white & black pearls. They are now available at 1/F Alienbear Design Formal Jewerly level . As it has no diamond so it have no sparkle or bling on it.

My old Feb 2005 version is like it.. see my ugly face hahaha lol am I prettier now? :D

WaterDrop Tri-band jewelry Set (Modify from Nov 2005 design)

Another waterdrop design that I made in Nov2005 is now modifed & sell as a set. I remake the hanging parts of earrings & change all into controlable sparkle. If you don't like the sparkle, just need to type "/1sp off" & the sparkle will be turned off forever till you turn on again. Just like all of my other ready made jewelry design. Touch the following picture to see the colour of the gemstones.

Availiable at 1/F Alienbear Design Main store - Formal Jewelery Set

The dress I am wearing is from Silver Rose Design.

What was the first edition look like? ....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

WaterDrop Darkband jewelry Set (Modify from Nov 2005 design)

Another Old Design that modifed & Place out again. Yes this simple & elegant waterdrop choker with earring was my Nov 2005 design. It was one of my popular set in SL. Now I make more Gemstone colours for your selections.

Availiable at 1/F Alienbear Design Main store - Formal Jewelery Set

The following is the first version of this set of jewelry when I made in Nov 2005:-