Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June08 Member gift

A mini crown base on the RFL Auction King & Queen Crown for the coming live auction at 22 june 2008 4-5pm. (Details pls read RFL 08' KING & QUEEN crown and Deferance of the crown Auctions

This mini crown is for Alienbear's design's member only. Copy only!

How to get?
Join "Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers", Wear your group tag & then go to Member Discount Shop now. Enjoy.

From today till the end of the auction (22 June 2008 5pm), you can get it at member shop! Donations to the RFL DIS Kiosk beside the poster is very welcome if you love this design!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Deferance of the crown Auctions

This RFL 08' KING & QUEEN crown were designed for the RFL Prom Party that held by Designer in Seduction Relay for life team. They are one of the kind. They were supposed to be auction out in the 15 June 08 prom but... due to a number of reasons we are going to extend there time on display and to accumilate bids for the course of one week.

Reason one, Sl is currently borked, & a number ofkey people who wished to bid seemed to not be here in result.. we wish to have the opportunity to have these crowns open to all who wished to partipate in bidding. Afterall the aim is all for charity and wish to rasie as much as we can for the RFL as well:D

Reason Two; a photo shoot has been planned for King and Queen after bidder wins... we need these shots for our Year book, and it has gotton much later then we would have hoped to get proper photos for this.

SO & will have Live auction on:-

22 June 2008 at 4pm - 5pmsl time Sunday

Memory Lane High School

All who come to bid will get a small gift from me! So Spread the words & let's rock the bid in this coming Sunday! See you there.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

RFL 08' PROM VIP guest giftset

This design is base on the relay for life logo & designed for the DIS RFL PROM event in help raising fund for the American Cancer Society. It comes with a pair of earrings & a necklace.

Permission of this set:- Copy only

This is one of the limited edition gift in the gift basket that gifts to VIP guest who donate $1500L ticket to the DIS RFL high school PROM. More gifts for the VIP guest from other designers apart from mine :)

When is the PROM?
14 June 2008 3pm sl time
15 June 2008 5pm sl time

How to be VIP guest?
just buy the 1500L charity Prom ticket at the entry of Memory Lane High School

How to get this?
Once you buy the Ticket, you will be invite to VIP guest group for this event, & you will get a gift basket that come with many gifts design by other designers & this set will be including.

This set is limited edition that just for the RFL DIS PROM VIP guest gift basket so not for sell now or in the future :)

Buy the ticket at the entry of Memory Lane High School now! Not many left so hurry!

Friday, June 13, 2008

RFL 08' KING & QUEEN crown

RFL08 auction King Crown

RFL08 auction Queen Crown

These King & Queen Crown are designed for the Charity auction held by the Designer in Seduction RFL team in help raising fund for the American Cancer Society. They are both one of the kind. Yes JUST ONE & ONLY ONE!

I get the inspirations from the UK Royal crowns. The top symbol "star with moon" is the symbol of the RELAY FOR LIFE. If you remember my Princess Carita Set that design for this RFL too, you will find that the base of this crown design is in the similar patterns. "Cross" represent the "Jesus' love". A Cross in between the flying heart just imply "the love of all people around the world join together to share their love to the Cancer patient & their family".

This crown will be auction out at:-

Event:- High School Prom Party
Time:- 15 June 2008 , Sunday 5pm sl time (DEFER TO 22 JUNE 2008)
location:- Memory Lane High School

All can join this event and the highest bid will get these crowns! WHO WILL BE THE PROM QUEEN & KING?

Apart from my crowns, another designers designed another crown for the Sat 3pm Prom too. Don't miss the party!

Princess Carita RFL 2008 Promotion

By the way, Don't miss the last chance to donate to get the Limited Edition set Princess Carita RFL Limited Set . It will be there till 20 June 2008.

Where to donate?
In between Alienbear Design & BijouxOr design main stores

Miss Universe Set Black model

I also donate my Miss SL Universe Memento Black Set to this RFL too. During this period till 21 June 2008, all money raise from this set will be donate to this event too.

Where to donate?
Alienbear Design main store, G/F