Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Today, the real life company Carnal Lingerie, announces it's first campaign here in sl. Gabriel LeShelle, the founder and ceo of both sl and rl Carnal Lingerie, has asked Me Alienbear designs, Zhao , Timeless Modeling Agency, and Gabrielle Sinatra to work exclusively with him on his project. Every month, Carnal will be releasing an "Carnal Angel of the Month". And this month is their Carnal Flower lingerie. In matching this cute & lovely lingerie, I designed a cute and elegant Necklace & earrings set FLORETTA.

The inspiration is from the flower pattern on this lovely lingerie. It give me the feeling of SPRING so I designed a little bud with some spring leaves. The stem of flower growing around your sexy neck. The morning dew drops meet the sun & start dropping from your neck to your breast. I put diamonds on the full stem while fire opal & the raw ruby jewel as the bud of each necklace. The "C" stand for CARNAL that will find on my every future Carnal series designs.

The Floretta set now available at Alienbear Design main store, 3/F while the lingeries are available at CARNAL main store. Want this lingerie in real life? check their webpage at Carnal lingerie now.