Tuesday, September 29, 2009

China National Day!!

ali in CN necklace

To celebrate the national day of my country China, I design a necklace as gift.

I use the five stars on our country's flag to design this necklace. Since I am from Hong Kong, the international city; I made a bauhinia blakeana flower (Hk city flower) at the back of the necklace. Pearl is one of the famous gem in China too so I select it as the gem of this necklace.

Oct 2009 China national day gift

How much?

Today till 2 oct 2009 0:00slt

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Want to find a simple earrings to match this necklace? The simple pearl earrings in our coming hunting gift will be perfectly matched.

Oct 2009 MP hunt gift

I make a simple pearl set for the hunting event at our partner shop "My Precious" main sim.

1-14 Oct 2009 slt


Just touch the broad at main Shop to get the landmark of the hunting.