Thursday, June 28, 2007

Main shop locations

Main store at Le'Bear castle have been extanded. Here is the update landmark:-

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Diamond pearl design (Modify from Oct2005 design)

If you were my fans since Oct 2005 (when I firstly start making jewelrylol) , you must know this set. Yes I did another modify at Aug 2006 before & just can find in my webstore. Now I modify it to more better prim again & make them as a set. & increase to 3 pearl colours for your
selections. Same as before the texture on the pearl is moving as it make the pearl look more real when you are wearing. It has a controlable sparkling, not like common bling, once you turn it off, it will off forever till you turn on again. (it apply to all of my ready make jewelry). Here below you can see the acient look of this design haha. lol

Available at :- 2/F Alienbear Design main store

Design Voice

A new forum for all SL designers to share the informations about the COPYCATS in SL. No matter if you are SL designer or customers , Please join us & tell us who the copycats are , Which store you find reselling others freebie items, which store you find that have some designs that copy yours or copy from any designers you see in SL.. etc Go to Design Voice now & register to share information with us.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boy & Girl Sign Set (Mod from Nov2005 design)

This is a set that modify from my Nov2005 designs. Well, I just add the ear bucket at the back of the stud & remake the boy& girl sign necklace to match the studs as a set. Suit causal wearing & in a very reasonable price.

Available at :- 2/F Alienbear Design main store

Diamond Heart Set (Mod from NOV2005 designs)

Another set that modify from my Nov 2005 old designs. Remember the folowing necklace, stud & earrings that I made when I just start making jewelry in SL? Yes they are suck in prim work & now I modify them to a much better primwork :D

Available at :- 2/F Alienbear Design main store

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cross & Oval Set (mod version from my 2005 design)

If you are my jewel fans since Oct 2005, you will feel this earrings are sooo familiar. Yes! I modify the earring back stand part & then make a neckalce to match it so it can come as a set. As I find that not really too many people like to shop on my slboutique shop, so from today, I will select some of my old design & than modify a bit & make them as a set & put back to my store for sell :D Wish you love this cute design :D

8 colours for your selections:-

Available at :- 2/F Alienbear Design main store

Monday, June 11, 2007

Princess Diantha Set

Avaliable at Alienbear Design, Le'Bear Castle Bratz 1/F Formal Jewelry set section.

Princess Calanthe

Close up of back view:-

Avaliable at Alienbear Design, Le'Bear Castle Bratz 1/F Formal Jewelry set section.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


No idea why my previous passage " I am Back! "can't show in the Fashion world of SL . So I leave a message here & text if my blog has something goes wrong.

Monday, June 04, 2007

I am Back!

Finally Back to SL Miss you all guys! Well, the first thing I come back to SL is ...
Make the Bride set & Bridemaid set for my Aunt Beauti's Wedding. I was one of the flowergirl in the wedding & I took some close up picture for the jewelry I design for them. Touch the picture & you can see the more clear view.

Bride Jewelry Set:~
To match the bride lace flower dress, I used flowers as the main design theme of the full set for the bride.

Front View of the necklace :

Back view of the necklace:
The main special of this necklace is I even design the back part of the necklace so the back of the bridemaid can be not that empty. It is some leaves with opening rose at the end. It is so classy & elegant & match her dress so well.

Bride Earring:-
It is a leaves with a opening rose which match the 2 rose on the front & the rose at the back.

Bridemaid set:-
To match the bride jewelry set, I use the opening rose as the main theme of this design. Leaves pattern on the neck & with a opening rose at the end. Look so classy! The earring is one leaves part with diamonds of the necklace.

Flowergirl set:-

I hadn't got enough time to design a new flowergirl sets so I selected my Princess Fiorella KID Hair Flower & earring/ necklace set for the flowergirl. I selected the hair flower & the necklace for the flowergirl. As the flowergirl dress have a ribbon so I selected Alienbear Jewellery (Xmas06 Diamond ribbon stud ) for her.

Want to zoom to the sets more clearly? No worry, I will release these sets with more colour soon. Can't wait & want to have it NOW ? Just feel free to contact me Alienbear Gupte in world. I will show you & estimate the price for you.
Gonna have a wedding but want some specials jewelries for yourself & your bridemaids/ flowergirls? Contact me in SL, I will design them for you. But sure I won't make any jewelries that you love in real life, I will just design it for you according to your dress & your wedding theme.
Want to read more about my virtual life other than my designs? Go to Alienbear Gupte Virtual Life & read my dairy now :D