Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sakura Wishes for JRF charity event

Sakura wishes necklace draft

April 2011 design for virtual world second life. Specially designed for the Charity event Japan Relief Fundraiser in raising funds for the Americares to help Japan 11 Mar 2011 Tsunami Survivors.

Due to sl prim limits, This necklace have to be attached to 2 parts of body. & this comes out 2 styles. This design were combining my previous Sakura collections with my Halloween 2009 Faye pumpkin design. Representing joy, love, warmth, peace will bring to Japan people with the support of everyone around the world. SL is a virtual world that consist of different people from different country. I believed that our little donations will help a lot to the Japan people who sufer from this tragedy.

100% of fund raising from this necklace will be go to Americares. It will be on-going fund raising.

The matching pieces & colour will be release soon :) Will tell you the story behind this design when I released more pieces & colour.

Permission:- MOD/ Trans

Where to buy?
JPF Event sim ay Golden Valley 163,143,22 Or Main Shop

May14-May 29 2011 for JPF event place
Long term on-going donation at main shop

What thing can better than not just make your avatar pretty but also can make your real self the prettier in helping others :) Please noted that during the event at JPF event sim, I selected some pieces donate to this event too. 75% of the pieces I selected that show in the JPF event sim will go to Americares too :) Thanks all for your support :)