Monday, October 29, 2007

Black Widow 2007 - 2007 Pumpkin hunt Jewelries

Remember my last year 2006 Black Widow (Lucky chair items)? This year I design another Black Widow as the Pumpkin Hunt Jewelries for 2007 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt!

The Black widow lay on her lover's arm with dropping tears. In this hunt, you can hunt this 4 jewelry pieces. For the earrings, it is from this month lucky chair gifts ( Silver line /Gold line).

Want this romantic & Mysterious jewelry pieces? Hunt now!
(check 2007 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt!)

PUMPKIN THIEF - 2007 Pumpkin hunt Jewelries

A pair of earrings that match my OCT-NOV 2007 LUCKY CHAIR GIFTS & Mobven gifts. This earrings are design for adult. So if you want to have the necklace to match this earrings, you can buy the necklace from my Mobven.

These earrings can hunt from 2007 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt!

TRUE LOVE (Antique Gold) - 2007 Pumpkin hunt Jewelries

"True Love" .... Even he dead, his flesh decay, His arm still keep protecting his lover's Heart...

Can Hunt from 2007 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt!

TRUE LOVE (Silver) - 2007 Pumpkin hunt Jewelries

"True Love" .... Even he dead, his flesh decay, His arm still keep protecting his lover's Heart...

Can Hunt from 2007 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt!

Pumpkin Witch - 2007 Pumpkin hunt Jewelries

Cute little Sunstone pumpkin wearing a witch hat. I placed them in 2 pumpkins.
Can hunt from 2007 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt!

ARACHINE - 2007 Pumpkin hunt Jewelries

Arachine- "Means "spider" in Greek. In Greek myth Arachne was a mortal woman who defeated Athena in a weaving contest. Ashamed for besting a goddess Arachne hanged herself, but Athena brought her back to life in the form of a spider." (Quote from

I got inspiration from spiders & spider web. This necklace just like a spider making her web around your neck. the back part is flexi. The little spider hanging down is the kid of the big spider mami on the web. For the earring, I use 3 little spiders with few flexi spider web string hanging down.

They are hide in 4 pumpkins in my 2007 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt. Hunt them now!

2007 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

I made few sets of jewelries for this Halloween Pumpkin hunt! I split them into 20 pieces & place in 20 pumpkins. Then I hide them in my 8 mini spots & my Le'Bear Castle Forest! The pumpkin maybe in a pumpkin form or may not be! Maybe hide in the content of stuffs on the ground, or in plant, or... maybe you will find one that hide inside my logo prim lol

Now till 1 Nov 11:59 PM

How to hunt?

- Go to Le'Bear Castle
- You will find a board look like the above pictures. Touch that blog to get a Folder that including a notecard & a texture.
- Read the notecard to get the first landmark to hunt the first pumpkin. On the notecard there is a clue leading you the way to find the pumpkin.
- Once you find the pumpkin, it will give you the next Landmark or clue to find another one.
- All Jewelries inside the pumpkin is TRANSFERABLE.
- Each pumpkin cost you $25L

To make it more fun, It is strongly recommended to take off all attachment as you can to minimized the lag. I add some scary features in my Forest. So after you hunt my first 8 pumpkins in my first 8 mini spots, It will be more cool in my forest if you :-

- Turn off the music
- open your sound effect
- Force your sun to midnight
- Take off all your attachment
- walk & fly slow
- touch all ghost, animals, furniture .. etc to hear the sound effect

I will introduce what will be in the pumpkin in my coming posts! What are you waiting for? HUNT NOW!