Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sharmila collections @ Elikatira

Sharmila poster II for Elikatira

Sharmila necklace was my Feb 2011 design that suppose to be designed for the Vday 2011. However I was so busy in real life so didn't have time to make the matching pieces until now. In celebrating my new satellite shop open in Elikatira, I put this Sharmila series as an exclusive set there.

Alienbear's Exclusive set at Elikatira

This series includes a tiny crown, necklace & earrings. This time I tried to play with the colour stones. The main colour theme of this set is red & white. This set is inspired by scarf and love.
Sharmila is an Indian name means "protection, comfort, joy".

" My Heart is linking with your Heart baby. I will always be with you, protecting you & loving you. " Man tied this choker on his lover neck and said softly.

Sharmila mini crown white-red

Sharmila N&E set white-red

Different colour tones of red gems & pink gems are used in this design. The huge ruby heart represent the man heart which always stands in front of his lover, protecting her cold heart (white diamond heart) and let her feel of warm, love & passion. The whole choker just like a scarf, hold her neck tight so let her feel of protection & love. Color gems & different gems cutting comes up the illusion of the folding scarf. Her heart link with his heart form this scarf like choker.

The matching earrings are very simple each with a small ruby hearts & a bit bigger white heart cut- diamond. Each of them surround by tiny little round diamonds.

The whole design are simple but in details. Though these pieces are small but still elegant. A bit different to my Royal series, this collections are more modern but still elegant. It suit all occasions no matter causal wear or formal wear.

Where to buy? ONLY @ our Satellite shop at Elikatira (Elikatira 67, 75, 36)