Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Camisole set model pink

My early July 2008 design that specially designed in matching Carnal Lingerie - Camisole. I got the inspiration from this elegant & cute lingerie. Ribbon bow & the teardrop is the main design of this jewelry set. Just like all our previous CARNAL SERIES (Floretta and Moscou), there is a "C" hanging on the necklace. Since Carnal Lingeries will redevelope their image in SL, this Camisole maybe the last one for our Carnal Series. To make it more special , I add the "C" on this pair of earrings. With the sparkling pink diamonds & the white teardrop shape pearls, it gives the expression of simple elegance, sweet, young and natural.

Camisole not only can match lingeries but also can be worn in special or causal occasions. Perfectly suit your exquistic taste.

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