Saturday, January 30, 2010

Free gift at Featuring Fashion Jan2010 show @ My precious

2010 AlienbearAgnes free bracelet

Some of my jewelries will be featuring in the fashion show of "My Precious". I will place this bracelet gift at the show. It is designed to match my previous designed free "Alienbear & Agnes" necklace /earrings set

In order to represent the crossover featuring fashion show of us, I used the first letter of my name & the first letter of the My precious designer's name to design this series . It comes up an AA series. Our designs are mostly forcus on female customers, so I use this two A to make a flower. The pearl teardrop hanging down from the flower mean 2 in 1.

Permission:- Copy only

When? 30 Jan 2010 at 11am & 4pm slt
Where? Runway @ Agnes Finney 87, 39, 21

See you there :)

It will be placed back to main shop after the show.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Queen of My Precious 2011

Crown for the Royal Princess of month at My Precious

Jan 2010 virtual jewelry design that specially designed for the TOP THREE winners of the Royal Princess of each month at "My Precious Queen contest".

This event was successfully held last year in 2009 by Agnes Finney , the owner of My Precious. This year we will keep sponsoring Crowns & Jewelry to My Precious for their 2011 Queen & Princess. But apart from this, we will gift this newly designed mini crown & the earrings to the TOP THREE royal princess of each month.

Contest entrance Deadline :- 20th of every month

You can get information at Main shop event area right now!

My Precious Queen 2010