Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween 2009 Series- Faye Pumpkin

Faye Pumpkin poster

Halloween is coming!! Here I firstly introduce my Oct 2009 Halloween Series one - Faye Pumpkin to you. It is specially designed to match my friend shop LilSnow Kids new release Mommy Pumpkin Fairy costume.

I get inspiration from LilSnow Kids dresses, the pumpkins and the pumpkins' leaves.

Faye Pumpkin necklace

This necklace can wear in two styles. Due to prim attachment limit, this detail necklace should be attached to 2 body attachments. The big pumpkins represent mommy while the small pumpkins represent the little pumpkin fairy. Here I select sunstone for pumpkin designs.

The emerald gemstone surrounding by tiny little diamonds represent the pumpkin seed which protect by mommy's tears, love and happiest. The main part that represent the pumpkin fairy. I used the tiny little round critine diamonds that drapping on the neck to represent the dewdrops falling from the leaves. Here also imply the warmth, love , joyful, peace that given by the mommy fairy in order to protect the baby seeds (the light green diamonds) and the mature seed (the emerald gemstone). With the protection from the mommy pumpkin fairy, the pumpkins can be grown up happily & healthy in every halloween season.

Faye Pumpkin earrings

This pair of matching earrings are designed to be a asymmetry style. I pick the mature seed (the emerald gemstone) , pumpkin leaves and the dewdrops ( the round critine diamonds) as the part of design of this earrings.

Faye deadly Pumpkin necklace

Faye deadly Pumpkin earrings

When there is some good fairy in protecting the pumpkin farm, giving happiest & warmth to all family.. I think there must be some BAD fairy who is full of angry, jeoulous and cold. So I use raw moonstone, black diamonds, and royal blue diamonds to design a set for the DEADLY pumpkin fairies.

Want to see my kid set that design for the little princess pumpkin fairy? Alienbear KID Design

Love to be the pumpkin fairy? check LilSnow Kids

Where to buy them? Direct link to Shop