Saturday, October 24, 2009

Morse code "Avenue" free necklace

2009 Avenue (12th issue) gift set

Oct 2009 Virtual jewelry design in Second life. Specially design to celebrate the 12th magazine issue of AVENUE virtual magazine.

I get inspiration from the name "Avenue". I think a while how to present "12th Magazine issue of Avenue".. so finally I think of "MORSE CODE" . I use round diamond & retangular diamond to express the morse code of "Avenue"...

in Morse code.. Avenue = " .- ...- . -. ..- . "

& since this is their 12 th issue, so I make total 12 holes at the necklace chain part.

Congrads to Avenue ^^ It will be a free gifts placing in their party! When? Check

Free gift at Featuring Fashion show @ My precious

2009 AlienbearAgnes free necklace

Some of my jewelries will be featuring in the fashion show of My Precious. I will place this necklace gift at the show. In order to represent the crossover featuring fashion show of us, I used the first letter of my name & the first letter of the My precious designer's name (Agnes Finney) to design a necklace . It comes up an AA necklace. Can you find the two A in this necklace?! Our designs are mostly forcus on female customers, so I use this two A to make a flower. The pearl teardrop hanging down from the flower mean 2 in 1.

When? 24 Oct 2009 at 4pm slt

See you there :)

It will be placed back to main shop after the show.