Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Queen Maraget ~ 'Share of love"

Queen Maraget models

Queen Maraget was my last year Feb 2011 design (Story behind design) which specially designed to match Nicky Ree's RFL 2011 gowns Tricia and Lana. Now in matching Giselle gown from Sparkle Skye Designs, I made 5 more colour for your selections.

Queen Maraget green model
Model is wearing gown from Sparkle Skye.

Crowns (with big & mini version):-

Maraget big & mini crowns gold white
Maraget big & mini crowns

Transferable only. Each crown pack includes one big crown & one mini crown headpieces. Due to prim limit, both crowns have to be attached to two attachment point.

Necklace (one necklace 2 styles):-

Maraget neck gold white
Maraget necklaces

Modifiable & transferable. Due to prim limit, this necklace have to be attached to two attachment point. and it comes out 2 styles.


Maraget ear gold white
Maraget earrings

Transferable only.


Maraget ring gold white
Maraget rings

Transferable only.

Where to buy matching gowns
Giselle? Sparkle Skye Designs

Where to buy this collection?
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