Friday, August 26, 2011

Queen of My precious Summer 2011 Jewels - Vera Vanessa

In early 2011, I designed a brand new exclusive crown & Jewels for the winners of Agnes Finney Fashion house named as Vera Vanessa. Just like my Crown for 2010 Queen of My Precious (more can read post 1, post 2, Post 3, Post 4, Post 5 ), the whole collections are get inspiration from Agnes Finney's logo & her fashion style. So butterfly are still the main theme of this 2011 Summer Winner jewels collections.

When I started designing this collection, it bring me back to the day when we started our first collaboration work VernaRosa the Spring Rose. Comparing to her nowadays well-known Lace fashions, Agnes really improve rapidly. Life- cycle of butterfly suddenly came up to my mind. Egg--> Larva --> pupa -->finally to the gorgeous butterfly. You can see her blood & sweat in her creations. So I put all these idea into this Summer Queen jewels- Vera Vanessa the summer butterfly.

Winner Crown & Jewels:-

Crown for Queen of My Precious 2011 Summer

The Queen crown:- You can see there are two butterflies in the middle of the crown, holding the egg of the future Queen of butterfly (the marquise ruby surrounding with tiny round cut diamonds). I used Red ruby as red is the colour of Agnes Finney Fashion house . The changing colour tone of pink gems on the butterflies wings imply the sparkling & success of Agnes. You can also see that when these two butterflies combined together comes up an gorgeous butterfly queen. Beside this big butterfly are two larvas the caterpillars holding the teardrop pearls implies they are growing to be the top of the butterflies.

Necklace for Queen of My Precious 2011 Summer

The Queen Necklace:- The main pattern is the upside down of the middle pattern of the Queen crown. The teardrop rubies imply the happiest, beauty, gorgeous , classy this queen of butterflies bring to these sl world. Due to prim limitations, this necklace have to be attached to two part of attachment point which comes up two styles.

Earrings S1 for Queen of My Precious 2011 Summer Earrings S2 for Queen of My Precious 2011 Summer Earrings S3 for Queen of My Precious 2011 Summer
Scepter for Queen of My Precious 2011 Summer

Queen Earrings & Scepter:- they are base on the crown & the necklace to comes up these designs of the matching pieces.

The following runner- up & the monthly top 3 winner jewels are base on the Queen jewels to design.

Runner-up Crown & Jewels:-

Crown for Princess of My Precious 2011 Summer
necklace for Princess of My Precious 2011 Summer
Earrings for Princess of My Precious 2011 Summer

Monthly Top 3 Crown & Jewels:-

MP monthly Princess 2011 summer prize

In June 2011, My Precious Summer Queen 2011: Miss Elle Ahren have been crowned. Summer Queen contest 2011 already ended but doesn't mean the end of the contest! As the winter one is coming!! I will designed another Winter crown & jewels for Agnes future Winter Queen of My Precious 2011. Will share with you the winter winner jewels when I finish ^^.

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