Monday, June 06, 2011

June 2011 member gift - Ziva II necklace, earrings & headpieces

Alienbear's June 2011 gift copy only

This Ziva II was modify from Ziva series.

Pre- release as gift for member of "Alienbear design and Le'Cameo Lovers". After June, it will release at normal price at main shop.

Perm for this gift version:- copy only

What inside? necklace, earrings & forehead tiara

How much? FREE

How to get?
Join Alienbear Design & Le'Cameo Lovers in second life ; wear your group tag; go to member shop at Hickok 97 184 278 ; Touch board to get

When? Now till 30 June 2011

** This Ziva II necklace can be wearing with part 2 of Ziva I necklace and comes out another style of necklace.

Ziva model 3