Thursday, November 12, 2009

Queen of My Precious 2009 - Crown for Queen

Crown for Queen of My Precious

The Butterfly Queen among the gardens. This is my newly designed Crown for the 2009 Queen of My Precious (My friend Agnes Finney shop) that going to held in Jan 2010.

I get inspirations from the logo and the queen contest of My Precious. On her logo, there is a butterfly; the creations by her is kinda girly and classy. That make me think of "flowers" & "butterflies". Therefore I use my Chouko Set to design this Queen crown.

I selected pearls & diamonds as the gems of this crown. In the middle you can see a butterfly with a pair of tails. It holds the biggest teardrop diamonds representing the royality of this butterfly.

At the two sides of the middle Queen butterfly, I used 2 diamonds flowers to represent the flowers in the gardens. I used diamond lilies, square diamonds & white pearls to design 6 butterflies on the side of the middle butterfly. In the other view, you can see they are flowers in the garden around the main butterfly.

The middle pink pearl in the middle holding by the butterfly Queen representing "My Precious" Queen- One of the only one.

How to get it?
In 2009 , My Precious keep selecting one monthly princess per month. The selected 12 monthly princess of "My Precious" in 2009 will have chance to win this Queen of my Precious crown in Jan 2010. Don't know this pregant? Still have 2 months for you to join. Details please contact the owner of "My precious" Agnes Finney or her staff Xenobia Foxclaw.

To be Continous......