Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween 2009 Series- Sirvart

Sirvart poster

"Sirvart", meaning "love rose" in Armenian, is my other set designed for this halloween 2009. If you are with us since 2005, you will know I love spider & spider is a must design theme for every halloween.

This year I do another crossover with my friend Agnes's shop My Precious. She designed a cute rose theme Princess Fairy dress for this halloween. A love story suddenly ran into my mind and gave birth to this "Sirvart" jewelry set design.

Sirvart black
Sirvart purple
Sirvart red
Sirvart blue
Sirvart pink
Sirvart green

This necklace can wear in two styles, with or without spider. Due to prim linking limit, it should be attached to two body part. The first part is roses with leaves tie on her neck. The second part is a spider web with a widow spider at the front & a baby spider hanging at the back with the unfinished spider web. At the front, there is two bloody drops that droping from two roses.

... Princess Sirvart the roses fairy died and turned into the widow spider. She sew a web around her roses.. Bloody teardrops are dropping from the roses that she lays on. No one know if the baby spider on her web is her baby... No one know about her story. All we know is her spirit seems waiting for something or somebody with love, jeolous, anger, tears.... Will it be forever everafter? ....

How many colours? Six in matching the colours of the Halloween fairy dress from My Precious

Where to buy? Halloween area at main Shop (You can buy the matching fairy dresses under the Sirvart Set)