Friday, October 01, 2010

More colour in MAYUR Collection

Alienbear Mayur Mystic Teal- Sept Scruplz 2010
Photo by Cherie Parker at Sept Scruplz 2010 Magazine

In early Feb 2010, I released my Mayur the peacock feather and Mayur Hair accessories in matching Agnes Finney 's Queen Mayur gown. Many asked if I have more gems selections and more jewelry pieces for this series. Now finally have time to release. We have:-

- 3 styles of forehead accessories,
- Necklace (can wear in 2 styles),
- 2 styles of earrings,
- bracelets and
- a huge ring for your selections.

Colour:- Black, white, red, peacock and Mystic teal.

Story behind Mayur can read:- my post Mayur the peacock feather

Due to prims limit, this necklace has to be attached to 2 parts of body. and because of this, This necklace can be wear in two styles.

There are 2 syles of earrings in matching the necklaces.

I designed 3 styles of forehead accessory to match the Mayur necklace & earrings. This forehead accessories are modifable so you can modify to fit the hair style you like.
*** please noted that due to prim limit, the first 2 styles of forehead tiara have to attach to 2 attachment point.

Queen Mayur 002

Where to buy? Main Shop You can also buy the matching Queen Mayur gown there.