Thursday, November 01, 2007

MEMBER GIFTS- Halloween 2007

To my Dearest Update Group Members...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Same as last year, I design few nice gifts for my dearest update group members. This Halloween I make use of my music locket ideas to design something for you. They all have different music in the necklace.

Well same as all my previous member gifts. Just designed for my members who join my VIP groups before the date of that season. Not for sale & is unique. They are including 3 kinds of jewelries that for different gender/ age of you:- Kid/ Lady/ Man. Since it is member gifts so it is NO MOD & NO TRANSFER.

"Forever Love" is a Glass cover coffin locket with a skeleton hand holding a red heart and a pair of skeleton red heart earrings. When you type commands the locket will open & you will hear a Haunted house music box music. There is a rose particle spread out too. It is just a but creepy & sad when you hear the music with the spreading rose. This necklace is about a love story that her lovers dead but since she love him so much, she use her man's bones to craft a skeleton hand & then hold with a heart. Her lover said this before dead:-

"No mater where I am.. My Heart is always be with you Now & Forever. I love you ....."

Music cut & edit from : Haunting from
- /1open & /1close to open the coffin & hear the music
- /rose to spread out the particles
- Touch the coffin to stop the music if it can't stop

"Demon" is a coffin locket with a cold blue heart & a huge Bat wings designed for male Members. Same as female's one, the coffin can be opened with the music & particles but this time the particle is the skeleton ghost. It make me creepy when open both music & particles. It represent Demon, the evil of the Dark.. the fallen angel.

Music cut & edit from : Horror 10 from
- /1open & /1close to open the coffin & hear the music
- /ss to spread out the particles
- Touch the coffin to stop the music if it can't stop

The last one is a very cute Pumpkin with many candies inside that designed for my KID members. It can be opened & with a very cool music that start with a kid voice "Trick Or Treat". All candies inside are crafted by prims. The top hat prim is sculpties where the sculpties texture (get from freebie) is created by TheBlack Fox. When you type commands, the handrawing pumpkin face will be spread around. It is really so cute when you open both music & particles.

Music cut & edit from:- Trick or Treat from & Nightmare from
- /1open & /1close to open the Pumpkin & hear the music
- /tt to spread out the pumpkin face particles
- Touch the lower part of hat to stop the music if it can't stop

I will send out to my 641 members by today & wish you all enjoy. For those who read this blog but not my members. It may be a pity that you can't get this gift BUT You still have opportunity to get my seasonal member gift sets in the future if you join my group in world. My group is now temporary close for the enrollment. But I will open it again in 2Nov2007. Just back to SL, then touch Search & go to group then type "Alienbear" & you will see my group. Just join & you still have opportunity to get my 2006 member gift set & my coming seasonal gift set :)

Don't forget to go for my pumpkin hunting (2007 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt). TODAY is LAST DAY!!! It will close at 1 Nov 2007 11:59pm! Also don't forget to try some luck in my place, I have 10 pieces of limited edition lucky chair gifts ( Silver line /Gold line /Kid line) & 3 pieces of limited edition Mobven jewelries (Silver version /Gold version /Kid version) waiting for you!!

Your sl jewelry designer
Alienbear Gupte