Monday, April 30, 2007


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I am so happy today, one of my customer Mui Mukerji send me this picture that wearing my New Snow Queen Nevada Set & Crown . She look very pretty on that! I am so happy that there is some fans who love my design. Do you have any picture that wearing my design & want to share with others? Send me now. (I perfer in webpage format.) You may have chance to show off in my blog! May win some coupons if your picture got posted in my blog!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


I recieve my friend's link about Letter to lindens today. It said about all I faced in SL everyday like Inventory loss, Problems with Find and Friends List, Grid stability and performance, Build tool problems & Transaction problems! YES think all of us keep facing about these! If you have same issues happening on your SL, Read the "Letter to lindens" & then click "Sign the Letter" & type your name now!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Some many friends & customers always ask me,
"... Ali, where is your old design?..."
"... Umm your store looks too empty, DO you think about placing back your old items in your store, ali.."
"... Some of your old design are really good, People like shop in store more than online shop! Placing out your old items back.."

Well , I am perfectionist & as I find that my old design's prim work are kinda suck compare to what I do right now. Plus when I see my old vendor picture, I really wanna puke as my old picture are AWEFUL.. VERY! I made those pictures when I can only use 64 ram for the game lol & now .. yes I make my final decision..

"Remake my old design to a bit better prim & Place them back as sets in my store!"

Think this will make many of my Jewelry's fans say "WOOT!"

Friday, April 27, 2007


After releasing the Snow Queen Nevada Set & Crown , Here is the Princess set that use to match the Snow Queen Jewelry Design. I designed this for the bridemaids of my mami's wedding.

This design is based on the Queen set design. The middle of the necklace is made of 5 kite shape diamonds with a simple diamond in the middle. While the necklace part is the same as the Queen one that consists of the snowflake parts. There is 3 round diamonds that represent droping snow in the middle under the flower like snowflake center. 2 S-shape represent the droping ice crystal & the teardrop at the lowest part just like the dropping ice crystal. The earrring are the simple version of the Queen one. Same as queen one, It come with 7 colours of diamonds for your selections.

The design of the Princess Crown are taken from the side parts from the Snow Queen Nevada Crown & a narrow diamonds base. More simple but elegant.

When will be released?

Today for member in member only discount shop with 20% off discount. Will be take away on 27 April 2007 SL time at 7pm.

Release to public at normal price at 27 April 2007 at Alienbear Design main shop at Le'Bear castle

The flowergirl set that is the Little Princess set is coming soon. Please check my Kid design blog :D

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I designed these jewelry set in my early April 2007 for my mami Princess Snow Fairy Wedding. Now I can release these set finally! I use the parts of snowflake & the snow to design this collections.

For the necklace-
The middle part is the center of snowflake, it made of 5 kite shape diamonds with a simple diamond in the middle. The necklace mainly made of the snowflake side part. The S-shape represent the droping ice with some round shape diamonds snow. The Tear drops just like some halfly melting ice droping down.

The earring is used the centre of the snowflake & the droping snow & teardrops to design

This set come with 7 colours of diamonds for your selections. Same as before, this sets are very details in prim works. With controlable sparkling.

This crown is design to match the necklace. With a big snowflake in the middle, you can see the both side are make of one part of snowflake (the fishbone shape cystal with the kite diamond), the snows (round diamonds), S-shape ice droping crystal & the tear drop ice cystal. All of this are diamonds. The base is designed with a diamonds band. Well funny that the crown was over 400 prims & as SL not allow me to link so I modify to this. lol With controlable sparkling.

When will be released?

Today for member in member only discount shop with 20% off discount. Will be take away on 27 April 2007 SL time at 7pm.

Release to public at normal price at 27 April 2007 at Alienbear Design main shop at Le'Bear castle.

The Princess Jewelry set & crown & the lil princess set to match this crown & set will be coming soon by tomorrow. Stay with us :D

Monday, April 23, 2007


Been sick for few weeks since Easter. Finally back to SL again. When I back, I just feel headache to see there's tons of order notecards, messages, objects, many many notecards in my inventory. Time for me to clean all my customers orders before having new release hehe. Btw, My mami gonna have a wedding & you know what? I designed the wedding sets for her wedding! She gonna have a Snow Fairy Princess style wedding !!! Sure all jewelry including bride, bridemaids & flowergirls one are designed by me! WOot yes the main theme of these coming set are snowflake & snow! All of them have necklace, earring & crowns! Want to see them? No worry! Will release after my mami wedding on 24 April 2007! WOot can't wait to release!

Here thanks Lilprincess Snowdrop my cousin designed my a lovely snow princess Fairy flowergirl dress for me! It is sooo lovely, I love it soo much! Can't wait to wear it in my mami's wedding!!!

Good to see you all again in my blog!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


These are Easter 2007 member gifts to all my precious VIP members :D Been sick for few days since Easter so sent this out late this Easter. Really sorry my members :)
Well same as all my previous member gifts. Just designed for my members who join my VIP groups before the date of that season. Not for sale & is unique. They are including 3 kinds of necklace that for different gender/ age of you:- Kid/ Lady/ Man.
For those who read this blog but not my members. It may be a pity that you can't get this set BUT You still have opportunity to get my seasonal member gift sets in the future if you join my group in world. Just back to SL, then touch Search & go to group then type "Alienbear" & you will see my group. Just join & you still have opportunity to get my 2006 member gift set & my coming seasonal gift set :)

Saturday, April 07, 2007


New style of easter egg compare with my Lucky chair gifts one. Have 24 gemstone for your selection. This jewelry set have no bling or sparkling but they are still handcrafted by prims. This is 3D in shape with a prim made ribbon bow on the top of the egg. Each set just $150L!! This not only can just wear in Easter but whenever & whereever you are! Available at Alienbear Design main store at Le'Bear Castle.

This Bunny Set are all handcrafting by prims with controlable sparkling. All transferable while Necklace & bracelets can be modify to fit your size too. Availabe at Ground Level of Alienbear Design main store.

Gold version of the bunny set will be release soon at BijouxOr design. Please keep checking to check the update release.

2 very cute Bunny Hair Clip set & Bunny with Heart Hair clip set in both gold & silver will be release soon by today or tomorrow at Alienbear KID design. Just keep checking for the new release.

Happy Easter!!

Friday, April 06, 2007


Woot! Apart from the 10 lucky chairs in my Le'Bear Castles, ONE more chair is added in the Ground Floor of Alienbear Design Main store! This new chair is mainly for placing my $50L coupon gift! Come & try some luck now!

What is this month lucky chair gifts in my other 10 chairs?
5 chairs at Alienbear Design
3 chairs at BijouxOr design
2 chairs at Alienbear KID design

Thursday, April 05, 2007


So sorry about all who tried to sit on my prize chair for long time but recieve nothing. The SL update mess my chairs up. I didn't know that till I got tons of complaint message. Really sorry guys. Now they are fixed. & I did a testing already. Please stop by & try some luck :D

Touch to read about the prize chairs I am talking about

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Alienbear Store card are now avaliable for purchasing at my 4 lines main stores. What is Alienbear Store card?

This is a kind of gift certificate for you to gift your friends. The different as the usual one is you can get more bonus from buying my privilage card. I have 4 credit amount of cards for you to purchase:-

* $500L (pay $450L to buy this value card)
* $1000L (pay $890L to buy this value of card)
* $2000L (pay $1750L to buy this value of card)
* $3000L (pay $2600L to buy this value of card)

Simply find the ATM machine shown on the picture in all my main stores at Le'Bear Castle & then pay to purchase the card.

How to use?
Simply wear the card --> right click on the items you want to buy --> select "card" & it will ask you in the pop up window to confirm --> & you will get the items that within the card value.

What if the items cost higher than the card value?
It will ask you if you use the card to buy & pay the remaining amount by cash --> select "yes" --> right click the board to pay the remaining value by cash.

Great idea to gifts your friends or buy it to get some discount of my jewelries !!

Where to find this machine?
Alienbear Design, Le'Bear Bratz
BijouxOr Design, Le'Bear Castle Bratz
Alienbear KID Design, Le'Bear Castle Bratz
Le'Cameo Design, Le'Bear Castle Bratz

Apart from the gift card ATM available for purchase, I placed 8 gift chairs outside Le'cameo main store. The concept of this just like camping chairs but this one is sit for prize instead of money.

What is the prize?
Well, all chairs have 3 prizes.
Sit for 2 hour to get $100L alienbear storecard!
Sit for 4 hours to get another $200L alienbear storecard!
Sit for 6 hours to get another $300L alienbear storecard!

It is not get a camping chair but also are lucky chair too lol as if you got kicked before the required sitting time, you will need to start over again !!! lol But once you can sit for 3 hours, you can get the total 600L bonus point to buy my jewelry!!! Why not try some luck when you have time? !!

Good luck all :D


*PS. store card system designed by Escort DeFarge while the prize camp chair is designed by Jiensu Takakura

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Touch the picture to see detail :D

New lucky chairs gifts are now place out at Main store for these 2 months period (2April ~ 2 June 2007). Easter egg is the main design of this set. Yes all are handcrafting with prims, spent me over 48 hours to craft all of these. When you zoom to the necklace, you will find some tiny little pink diamond hearts on the egg & many white diamonds in between the 2 pink saphire lines patern. Well on the arm band, you can even see some cute bunnys. In my orginal design, the arm band suppose to have all bunny around & with the egg look like the necklace one, but then when I tried to link them, it comes out over 500 prims lol & so I need to modify it to a lesser prim design lol

Many customers imed me that they find many people tried to camp for my chairs gifts & then sell out. I am happy about that as that means my lucky chairs gifts are not crabs. lol But well, as these lucky chair gifts are just place out for 2 months & I designed it specially for lucky chairs only. So many people complaint that they can't collect my previous lucky chair full sets. So this month I will place the full set in the MOBVEN also!!! It basically worth over $1000L but if you can bring 16 friends to my store, it may go down to the lowest price .. that is $299L!! But again, I won't sell it in person, if you want to get it.. please get from my lucky chairs or Mobven in this 2 months :D

Where is my main store?