Friday, October 31, 2008

Jewelry Set for Calla 2nd year Anniversary!

Calla 2nd anniversary set

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CALLA! To celebrate CALLA 2nd year Anniversary, I designed an elegant set by using her logo. Just like last year, if you still remeber, I used her flower logo to make a set to celebrate her birthday. ( 1st year set ) So this year I use 2 flowers to represent her 2 years anniversary! Same as last year, I used diamond & pearl as the main gemstone for this set.

CALLA will celebrate her 2nd birthday on 2 Nov 2008 and this elegant set will be gifted out at her birthday party on Sunday Nov 2nd from 6-9 pm slt! at Calla Lily (128, 110, 35).

Apart from me, Tigerlily the designer of CALLA also invite some other sl well-known designers to design gifts. So don't miss her party time & let's celebrating with her! Just keep checking CALLA's blog to find the extact date & time for her celebrations.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Member gift & Member Special!

Member special gift - Amaterasu special scepters

What is it?

Special version (just metal, no gemstone) of Princess Amaterasu scepters - copy only
A gift Just for Update group members. Not for sell/ gift to public.

How to get this Member gifts?

Join "Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers", Wear your group tag & then go to Member Discount Shop . Touch the poster to get.

50% off member special sets

Member special Amaterasu silver

Member special Amaterasu gold

Member special Amaterasu Black

What are these?

Special version (just metal, no gemstone) of Princess Amaterasu necklace, earrings and mini crown - copy only

50% off Just for Update group members. Not for sell/ gift to public. (original 630$L each)

How to Buy these?

Join "Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers", Wear your group tag & then go to Member Discount Shop . Pay the Poster to buy.

You can buy the matching Bracelets at Ground floor, Bratz

**Gifts & Discount will be end at 30 Nov 2008! So don't miss it.

Princess Amaterasu Set

My early June 2008 designs Princess Amaterasu finally done & can release now!

"Amaterasu" is a Japanese name means "Royal". This mini crown in this set is the main spirit of the whole designs. With this crown designs, I designed necklace, earrings, bracelets, scepter, and rings in matching! This time I even design a MAN ring in matching our Princess Amaterasu.

We have Platinum, Dark metal for your selections. Gold will be release soon. Platinum has 9 gemstones colours while dark metal has 7. The man rings Prince ABIOYE has 6 gemstones for both platinum & dark metal.


Silver Princess Amaterasu mini crown white

Dark Princess Amaterasu crown red


Silver Princess Amaterasu N&E Set white

BRACELETS:- ONE pack TWO styles FOUR bracelets

Princess Amaterasu bracelets hotpink

Dark Princess Amaterasu bracelets purple


Princess Amaterasu scepter dark & platinum


When Prince Abioye meet his Princess....

Dark Abioye and Amaterasu Rings

Where to buy them?!

Rings at Basement, Bratz
Mini crown, scepter, necklace, earrings and bracelet at Ground floor, Bratz

More pictures at My flickr album I and My flickr album II.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Runway Kidz show free gift

longoria runway kidz gift

What is the gift? Longoria Earrings (copy only)
Where to get? RUNWAY KIDz Fashion Show
When? Today till 19 Oct 2008 2pm

Eight of my jewelry designs including some coming release will be show with Nicky Ree 's gown in one of the Runway Kidz 3 days show - Classic SL Fashion Designers Show. Few of other designers will be in this show too. Don't miss it if you love our designs :)