Wednesday, December 26, 2007

XMAS 07 Surprise Seven- For Member

These are Xmas 2007 member gifts to all my precious VIP update group members :D Really sorry that these days I am so busy in both rl classes & my sl work, so sent this out late. But wish you all my members love them :D

Well same as all my previous member gifts. Just designed for my members who join my VIP groups before the time I send the to group (yes already sent out). Not for sale & is unique. They are including 3 kinds of necklace that for different gender/ age of you:- Kid/ Lady/ Man. They are no mod & no transfer.

For those who read this blog but not my members. It may be a pity that you can't get this set BUT You still have opportunity to get my seasonal member gift sets in the future if you join my group in world. Just back to SL, then touch Search & go to group then type "Alienbear" & you will see my group. Just join & you still have opportunity to get my 2006 member gift set, my Giftcard discount (50% off) for Xmas , XMAS 07 deerhorn lady necklace For Member, discount price in some member jewelries & my coming seasonal gift set :) <Member Discount Shop>

Btw, don't miss out the "50% off sale!!!", the luckychair sets ( Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Platinum sets & Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Gold sets) & the our XMAS 07 Surprise Four - DEC 07 MOBVEN SETs for this month!!! More mobven sets that with our entire lucky chair gifts beside the Landing point are coming soon!