Friday, April 27, 2007


After releasing the Snow Queen Nevada Set & Crown , Here is the Princess set that use to match the Snow Queen Jewelry Design. I designed this for the bridemaids of my mami's wedding.

This design is based on the Queen set design. The middle of the necklace is made of 5 kite shape diamonds with a simple diamond in the middle. While the necklace part is the same as the Queen one that consists of the snowflake parts. There is 3 round diamonds that represent droping snow in the middle under the flower like snowflake center. 2 S-shape represent the droping ice crystal & the teardrop at the lowest part just like the dropping ice crystal. The earrring are the simple version of the Queen one. Same as queen one, It come with 7 colours of diamonds for your selections.

The design of the Princess Crown are taken from the side parts from the Snow Queen Nevada Crown & a narrow diamonds base. More simple but elegant.

When will be released?

Today for member in member only discount shop with 20% off discount. Will be take away on 27 April 2007 SL time at 7pm.

Release to public at normal price at 27 April 2007 at Alienbear Design main shop at Le'Bear castle

The flowergirl set that is the Little Princess set is coming soon. Please check my Kid design blog :D