Monday, September 28, 2009

Chouko Set

Chouko poster

"Chouko" is a japanese name means "butterfly". I get inspiration from my Azucena Crown design.

chouko necklace white

I select diamonds & pearl as the main gem for this Chouko set. My first idea was using two lilies patterns to make another flower pattern in the middle. When I get it done, I found that it really looks like a butterfly. That's why I named it as "Chouko".

Necklace chain is always a headache issue for me who just use SL regular prims in crafting my jewelry designs. I never appreciate in the shape of the necklace chain part I made. In holding this simple butterfly pattern, I finally selected using a 2 prims square shape diamond to make the chain. Wish you all love the style I make this time.

chouko earrings white

I used the middle pattern of the necklace to design this pair of matching earrings.

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Cyrus kitty $10L jewels back to main shop

2009 10L cyrus necklace

2009 10L cyrus dia belly chain

Cyrus pearl belly chain

The jewelry fair is over, all the above kitty Cyrus almost free jewels will be place back to main store Gifts/Discount area.

Sept 2009 member gift set

While the member gift keeps placing at our Member Discount Shop. Many kept asking me how & where can they get this since I released. Please follow the following step & you can get it:-

Join "Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers", Wear your group tag & then go to Member Discount Shop . Touch the poster to get.

More Cyrus kitty gifts coming! Keep checking with us ^^

Azucena Bracelets

Azucena poster I Azucena poster II

Jewelry Fair 2009 is already finished. Thanks all support us during the Fair. Our new release Azucena Series will move back to main store in normal price. Please noted that the Azucena Queen Crown and the full necklace should be attached to two part of body due to sl prim linking limits. Details and pictures please read our blog post at Jewelry Fair 2009 Spot No.20 @ Autumn sim .

Azucena bracelets

In the same time, we newly presented our Azucena bracelets in matching our gorgeous Azucena Series .

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