Friday, December 28, 2007

Nature Wonders - Miss SL Costa Rica 2008

I am honored to be invited by Giancarlo Takacs to design & sponsor a Crown with matching jewelry set for the Miss SL Costa Rica 2008. You can see the crown at SL Costa Rica .

The Crown & the jewelry set were inspired by the natural beauties of Costa Rica. Rubies & Diamonds are the main gemstones selected for this crown design.

The 8 flowers with the ruby pear shape gemstones represent the beautiful flora Costa Rica is famous for; represent the red on the National flag which shows the warmth of Costa Rican people, their passion for peace; and represents one of Costa Rica's most famous landmarks... The Volcanoes. The delicated Heart designs under the flower patterns means love. The diamond teardrops, "the morning dewdrops" , represent fresh, young, energetic & pure.

The Crown not for sell but just for the future Miss SL Costa Rica who has the above mentioned personality. The new SL Costa Rica 2008 will be chosen in 29 Dec 2007 11:00am sl time at this venue. I am honored to be one of the judges!! Really exciting to see who will be the winner that can enter the Miss Universe in the next!!

The Earrings & Necklace set will be release soon with more colour. Keep in touch with us :D