Monday, June 16, 2008

Deferance of the crown Auctions

This RFL 08' KING & QUEEN crown were designed for the RFL Prom Party that held by Designer in Seduction Relay for life team. They are one of the kind. They were supposed to be auction out in the 15 June 08 prom but... due to a number of reasons we are going to extend there time on display and to accumilate bids for the course of one week.

Reason one, Sl is currently borked, & a number ofkey people who wished to bid seemed to not be here in result.. we wish to have the opportunity to have these crowns open to all who wished to partipate in bidding. Afterall the aim is all for charity and wish to rasie as much as we can for the RFL as well:D

Reason Two; a photo shoot has been planned for King and Queen after bidder wins... we need these shots for our Year book, and it has gotton much later then we would have hoped to get proper photos for this.

SO & will have Live auction on:-

22 June 2008 at 4pm - 5pmsl time Sunday

Memory Lane High School

All who come to bid will get a small gift from me! So Spread the words & let's rock the bid in this coming Sunday! See you there.