Thursday, March 15, 2007


Woot! I bought a 512 sq.m land last week & plan to make that as my member discount shop!!! Yes to thanks my members keep supporting me, I will select few of my jewelries maybe twice a week & then give my member a discount to buy them! & yes the land is just for member to enter & all items are scripted so just members can get the discount!! woot soo exicting!!

Btw, SL keep having issues & I recieve so many members im me that they can't get the member sets. So I am planing to place the member set in that shop &... Tell you a secret, I am going to place all my previous seasonal member set including christmas, halloween & Vday one in that shop for 2 weeks once I open that discount shop. As I find that so many old members can't get them & this is a chance for them & for the new commers to get those limited edition member set!! Well I sure will close the "join" for 2 weeks once I start grand opening of my member discount shop. So if you have chance to read this message & not yet join my group before I open my discount shop. Join NOW!~ just search "alienbear" in group & you will see my group !!!

Looking forward to see you in my discount shop!! ~~