Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mayur the peacock feather

Mayur poster I

Mayur is a set that specially designed for AVENUE Charity show "For the Love of McQueen" (28 Feb 2010) & Charity sale month in March 2010. I am one of the 38 designers who come together to lend our support in creating a design that is inspired by Alexander McQueen's work and spirit.

My friend Agnes Finney, owner of My Precious join this event also. So we join together to design these Mayur series. I designed this Mayur necklace / Earrings & bracelets in matching her dress. By inspirating from Agnes's dress & Alexender McQueen fall 2008 show 's jewelries, I finally comes up this necklace design.

Mayur necklace black II

In Alexender McQueen fall 2008 show , I found that he love to use huge & fancy style of jewelry. Seems like to cross over with India & royal England style. Therefore I use dark metal to outline the royal jewelry pattern on the neck. Since Agnes dress is in white & black. So I select black gemstones for this necklace design. In matching the peacock feather pattern on the dress, I use black teardrop gemstones in designing the peacock feather in this necklace. To make it more balance & more look like a peacock on the neck, I add some teardrops at the side and make it look like the peacock flares out its feathers when it is trying to get the female's attention. McQueen fashion do attract many ladies in the fashion industry. Just like peacock flaring out its feathers, this beauty will be in his fans' memory forever even it is just a short period.

Due to prims limit, this necklace has to be attached to 2 parts of body. and because of this, This necklace can be wear in two styles. In matching this necklace, I designed the matching earrings & bracelets.

Mayur earrings black

Mayur bracelets black

Where to buy? main shop
When? These original designs created within a week, will be showcased in a fashion show on 28th February 2010 at 12 pm SLT on GOLden shopping sim after which the designs will be available for sale at the my store for the month of March. 100% of the sales proceeds will be donated to the charity, Keep A Child Alive, since Alexander McQueen was a known supporter of similar AIDS / HIV charities.

Alienbear's @ WebQuest II


We join a cool game webquest this year. All you need to visit the shops listed above (11 shops in total) ; find the above poster; touch the koisk to get the questions & the Answering notecard; find the answer from the designers' blogs; After you’ve collected all 11 answers, turn in your notecard to Barbara Nicholls. All the correct entries will be entered into a drawing and the top three will collect some awesome prizes!


L$5000 EarthStones Store Card, L$5000 Cash LeeZu! , 6 skins of your choice from LionSkins, L$2500 Malt Store Credit, L$7500 Gift Card MudHoney, L$3000 Alienbear Store Card, L$5000 SySy Designs Store Card, L$5000 Artilleri Store Card, $L3000 Zaara Store Card, Amacci 2 Fatpacks of Hair (your choice), Courtisane choice of any one Fatpack of Boots and one Fatpack of Shoes


L$2500 EarthStones Store Card, L$2000 Cash LeeZu! , 3 skins of your choice from LionSkins, L$1000 Malt Store Credit, L$5000 MudHoney, L$2000 Alienbear Store Card, L$2500 SySy Designs Store Card, L$3000 Artilleri Store Card, $L2000 Zaara Store Card, Amacci 1 Fatpack of Hair (your choice), Courtisane choice of either Fatpack of Devoue Sandals or Fatpack of Allumeuse Boots.


L$1000 EarthStones Store Card, L$1000 Cash LeeZu!, 1 skin of your choice from LionSkins, L$500 Malt Store Credit, L$1500 MudHoney, L$1000 Alienbear Store Card, L$1000 SySy Designs Store Card, L$2000 Artilleri Store Card, $L1000 Zaara Store Card, Amacci Favourite Eyelashes (6 lashes), Courtisane choice of either Fatpack of Devoue Sandals or Fatpack of Allumeuse Boots.

Details please read webquest offical page.

gift for webquest II players

To thanks all who play this game, I place this free necklace beside the my webquest kiosk for all of you as gift. Ahava is my new design that get inspiration from my River of Love jewelry set. Have the same story of River of love but this necklace for causal occasion. Oh, I think it can be wear in formal too ^^

Permission :- copy only
Where to get? beside my webquest kiosk
When? 27 Feb 2010 - 13 March 2010

What are you waiting for?! Go to my webquest kiosk , click to get the notecards & answer all the question now!!! GOOD LUCK TO all ^^