Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Man Cufflinks and pins for VictoriaV men line

If you are fans of one of the top SL brand VictoriaV Fashion, you must know they now have a new line for men ONLY-V. To celebrating this new brand born in sl, I designed a series of cufflinks and pins by using their brand logo.

Only-V cufflinks

Only-V style2 cufflinks

Only-V style2 gold

These cufflinks series have 2 version in each packs. One with cuffs while one without. Including the logo, all are crafted by regular prims.

Only-V manpins

SL man suit is no more boring now. With this cufflinks and pins, It make you look more sharp and smart within the crowd. A new gifts for the man you love. More series will be release soon!

Don't forget to buy the matching business suit at VictoriaV Fashion. Personally I love it so much. It look so real and so smart in the overall cutting. Great tux for wedding and business.

Where to buy the cufflinks and pins?
Right now just available at my shop at Victoria V fashion:- Alienbear's @ Victoria V

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

VernaRosa the Spring Rose

VernaRosa X Versace poster white

VernaRosa posterII

This is specially designed in matching Versace gown from My Precious by Agnes Finney. I am really happy to meet this sl designer that come from the same place as me! Since in sl, it is hardly find one that from Hong Kong lol Because of this, I designed this set to match her coming gown Versace gown.

I get inspiration from Versace gown and Spring. Agnes's gown have some roses on it so I use rose as the main design of this series. Well same as all my previous designs, I just use regular prims to make the jewels.

VernaRosa necklace white

In early spring, the flowers start growing. So here I use the halfly open rose and the bud in designing this necklace. I use the pear shape diamond surrounding with tiny round diamonds to represent the rose bud. the tiny diamonds on somepart of the necklace imply the spring dewdrops. It comes out like hanging the Spring roses on your neck with some dewdrops on the stem. The young halfly opening rose smile shy to welcome the Spring. It give the feeling of reborn, energytic, fresh and happy.

VernaRosa earrings white

For the matching earrings, maybe you will ask me where is the rose? I want to make them not look like too bulky when wearing the necklace. So I just use the rose buds to design this pair of earrings. The necklace have three rose and two rose bud, therefore I use five different shape of pear shape to present the rose buds in each ear. The round diamond here imply water. In this early spring, tiny rain fall into the rose bud. Irrigating it and bring new lives to the flowers and appearing just like the flowers I designed in the necklace.

Gold version added (at 2011 July 29)

Where to buy?

Kielo the lily of the Valley

Kielo set white poster

Story behind design can read RFL Kielo special set. More colour will release soon.

Where to buy?

Don't forget the Clothing fair 2009 still running. My spot is at sim 2 spot no.8. Do a crazy Shopping in Clothing fair 2009 not only can make you be the most fashionable one in sl but now also can help the cancer patients in real life. Just buy from the vendor which marked RFL/ Relay for life 2009, all the money will go to the American Cancer society.

The sets I designed for this clothing fair RFL team:-
- RFL Kielo special set ~$600L only
- RFL2009 ALMOST FREE gifts - Zivanit special ~ $10L only!!

Don't forget to get the matching RFL gown and the one of kind auction gown from Nicky Ree.

When? till 22 March 2009

Other event @ alienbear's:-
The Most Random Hunt Ever #43- [Alienbear's Designs]

Sunday, March 15, 2009

RFL2009 ALMOST FREE gifts - Zivanit special

RFL2009 Zivanit necklace special

RFL2009 Zivanit earrings special

The second set design for the clothing fair RFL team is Zivanit which is my Mar 2009 sl jewelry design. The gems colour is selected to match Nicky Ree's RFL gown 2009.

Just like Kielo Set, Zivanit is a name that means lily of the Valley. Lily of the Valley :- Return of happiness, purity of heart, sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, you've made my life complete, humility, happiness, love's good fortune. I get the inspirations from this Relay for life charity event. The story of this set is the continue of Kielo Set. Return of the happiness and live happily forever after.

Total till 19 July 2009

Where to get?
alienbear's designs main store

Apart from this limited edition for the charity, normal gemstone colour series will be release soon. See you in the clothing fair 2009 ^^

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Clothing Fair 2009 X Relay for Life

I join Clothing fair 2009 this year. This year they have a very interesting theme - 7 sins. My spot is locating at store 8 at SIM two- SLOTH. Haha exactly talking about me ... sloth lol Designers in this clothing fair design many special outfit and accessory for the Relay For Life in raising fund for the American Cancer Society.

When? 16-23 March 2009.
Where is my spot? ""

Just like last year RFL event, this year I firstly design two special sets for this clothing fair 's RFL team - Relay Raiders.

RFL2009 Kielo special

The first set is Kielo which is my Feb 2009 sl jewelry design. The gems colour is selected to match Nicky Ree's RFL gown 2009.

Kielo the Finnish name means lily of the Valley. Lily of the Valley :- Return of happiness, purity of heart, sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, you've made my life complete, humility, happiness, love's good fortune. I get the inspirations from this Relay for life charity event. The pear shape pink ruby on the necklace surrounding with many pink diamonds & pink amethysts are the bud of the lily of the valley. This litte bud may pass through many difficulties in it's life. Each of us just need to give a bit of love, care and considerate (the three heart on the left hand side) to this bud, it will summon a huge love (the heart on the right hand side)and give power to this bud to become a beautiful and happiness lily.

The earrings holding 3 lilies on each ear. Here I want to imply that our little help from everyone will bring life to many cancer patients. Let them back to happiness and make their life more complete.

This set will available in my clothing fair spot and my main store till 19 July 2009. Just need to donate the minimum amount listed at the right bottom corner of every vendors and you can have these lovely pieces.

Apart from this limited edition, normal gemstone colour series will be release soon. I will show you another almost free RFL set in my next notice.

Total till 19 July 2009

Where to buy this set?

alienbear's designs main store

Friday, March 13, 2009

Custom engagement ring for my friend

D&J custom engagement ring

NOT FOR SALE just for sharing the picture of my artpieces to you.

This was my early Feb 2009 custom engagement ring design for my friend Dancer Dallagio. If you know Stiletto Moody Shoes, you will be familiar with this name ^^ This ring if crafted by regular prims with no scuplties including.

Story behind design:-
The teardrop in the middle represent her. Lady= tears. It gather many kind of tears~ happy, sad, happiness, anger, love, sweet.. etc all the memory between she & he. The curve pattern besides represent his hands. He use his hands to protect her. The round diamond on the top means "you are the only one in my life". AT the side of the ring (left botton corner), there is a "D" and a "J" that is the first letter of she & he. The middle heart with one diamond means his and her heart already link together to form one & only one. He & she will love each other forever after.

The overall meaning of this ring is .... He will be the protector of she in his whole life. They will share their happiness, love, tears, all memory together in their new stage of life. Their love will be last forever just like diamond.. eternity.

Congratulations Dancer and her fiance. Hope you enjoy this special ring I designed for you .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shamrock flower set

St Patrick day is coming, VictoriaV Fashion designed a gown for this special day and asked if I have any matching jewelry. I found that in this special day, everywhere in sl is green green & green. It suddenly make me think what other colour can come with this green... " Is the St Patrick day symbol SHAMROCK leave have flowers?!" So I do a googling....

After I tried on VictoriaV Fashion 's gorgeous St.patrick day gown, my Le Fleur Collections appearing in my mind. So I put the shamrock and shamrock flowers into this design idea and then my Shamrock flower set finally born in sl.

Shamrock flowers set background

Normally shamrock have three heart shape leaves only. If you find a Four leaves shamrock, it will bring you luck and happiness. In this jewelry set, you can find two four leaves shamrock hanging down from a shamrock flower. It represent lucky and happiness.

I selected diamond, critine, pink ruby and emerald as the gems for this series. Due to prim limit, this necklace should be wearing in two part of body attachment. But because of this, it comes out two style. You can wear it with causal wear or formal wear ^^

Shamrock flowers green- yellow

Love the gown I am wearing? Get one at VictoriaV Fashion now ^^

Jewelry set available at ""

Happy St.Patrick day!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Longoria Necklace and Earrings set

longoria necklace white

longoria earring white

This was my Jun 2008 jewelry design for VictoriaV fashion. The inspiration was get from their Longoria dress and water. This design gathering the different form of water:- from ice, to runing water, to water drop. These are transfer version. Great jewels for all kinds of outfits.

The Most Random Hunt Ever #43- [Alienbear's Designs]

From 8th March2008 - 12:00pm slt Till 1st April 2008, You can hunt the COPY only version of the longoria necklace at main shop! (details please read The Most Random Hunt Ever #43- [Alienbear's Designs])

Where to hunt the necklace (copy only version)?
alienbear's designs main store

Where to buy the transfer version of longoria set?

The Most Random Hunt Ever #43- [Alienbear's Designs]

Including me, there are around 54 shops join the world wide grid hunting "THE MOST RANDOM HUNT EVER" this month.

8th March2008 - 12:00pm slt Till 1st April 2008

What to find?
A flower in different or same colour in each shop

Where is the starting point?

What is my gift and what is my gift number?
#43 -the Longoria necklace (copy only version)

The Most Random Hunt Ever #43- [Alienbear's Designs]

GOOD LUCK ALL! Get ready to start your hunting adventure on 8 March 2009 0:00slt!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Free Gift set designed for Narcotix

NX 2009 gift set dark

Tonight @ 6PM SLT my friend Nardya , designer of Nardcotix, will be on Fabulous Fashion with Angie Morrington!! You can watch with us together at or check . Nardya is nice to invite me to display four of my jewelry pieces in her show. And since I have a shop in her place, I designed a free gift set by using her logo.

Permission:- COPY only

Where to get them?

1. Tonight at 6pm at till show end; OR

2. My mini shop at Nardya's place ; OR

3. alienbear's designs main store

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Celestial Crown

Celestial crown & set poster

These series are my Aug 2007 designs Celestial Bride Set . Now finally have time to craft out my matching crowns. Pearl & diamond are the main gem I selected for this series, you can read here to see the story behind this design.

Celestial Pearl & Diamond crown

Celestial dark Pearl & Diamond crown

Celestial Gold Pearl & Diamond crown

By requested, I make a gold metal series for this design, so now more selection for gold lovers!

Celestial set gold new

Be the Queen of Galaxy now! "Twinkle twinkle lil star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky..." Diamond star not only in the sky but on your neck & head now!

Where to buy?
alienbear's designs main store

** Please noted that we are now expanding our castle to share more of my designs to all of you. (woohoo, finally have space to place back my old designs!! ^^) So we are going to do the reconstruction of our main store. Some part of store will still running during the reconstruction project. Here is the temporary landing point of the main store:-