Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 NEW year supprise@!


2009 new year crown lady

2009 new year crown man

I designed a 2009 New year party crown for you this early 2009 new year!!! By using the traditional UK royal crown style crossing over with modern fireworks pattern & the sign of 2009, I made one for man one for lady!!! Love them? From today till 31 Jan 2009, you can get it from our Lucky chair at here Or you can buy it from our Mobven beside this lucky chair. Wear it to your NEW YEAR PARTY NOW! PARTY TIME!!!

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50% off annual sale, over 60 pieces of special jewels (my entire limited editions LC jewels designs) at 6 lucky chairs, Free gifts at main store. 20% off of few designs.

Direct link can see Xmas Supprise I - Big Annual Sale!!! , Xmas Suprise III - Free Jewels for public and Entire lucky chair gifts (over 60 jewels in 6 chairs), XMAS Supprise IV - Free Jewels for MEMEBRS!