Sunday, June 07, 2009

New RFL2009 designs @ Fashion Expo 2009

RFL2009 KrisCar necklace special

RFL2009 KrisCar earrings special

RFL2009 KrisCar gold necklace special

RFL2009 KrisCar gold earrings special

Apart from Kielo Special RFL limited edition set and the RFL2009 ALMOST FREE gifts - Zivanit limited special, now I made another limited edition designs KrisCar RFL Special. This design was my early March 2009 designs ( KrisCar Collections the Queen of the World~!! ).

Just like last year (Princess Carita RFL Limited Set ), I select this Multi colour gemstone to imply the generous people from all over the world show their love and charity to people in America. The charity no more just in one country but spread all over the world! The lilies here in this design is the same as my KIELO RFL designs that imply Return of happiness, purity of heart, sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, you've made my life complete, humility, happiness, love's good fortune.

This set will available in my my Fashion expo2009 spot and my main store RFL vendor area. Just need to donate the minimum amount listed at the right bottom corner of every vendors and you can have these lovely pieces.

They are limited edition like my other RFL 2009 designs. Transferable and the necklace can modify to fit your avatar. Please note that The KrisCar necklace have 500 prims in total so have to attach to 2 parts of body due to the sl prim limitations.

Fashion expo2009:- 8-14 June 2009
my main store RFL vendor area:- till 19 July 2009

** All fund raise will go to Relay For Life team in benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ambroisa I & II

Ambroisa black pearl black

If you keep checking with us, you must feel this set is so familiar. Yes this is my last month Ambroisa Series that design to match Rhea Newall 's cute gowns. Now I made also the black pearl with black ribbon and white pearl with white ribbon for your selections.

Ambroisa II white pearl

After release, many asked if I will have a no ribbon version. So I take away the ribbon and use diamonds with few more pearls to make another elegant Ambrolisa II set. It has black, white and cream for your selections.

Ambroisa I&II poster

They are now available at alienbear's designs main store. Enjoy.