Monday, June 06, 2011

Ziva Bracelets & forehead tiara collections

Ziva model 1

Ziva forehead tiara pinky

Ziva bracelets pinky

Ziva II bracelets pinky

Here are the matching forehead tiara & bracelets in Ziva collections ( Ziva I & Ziva II ). Will release more gems stone selections & pieces soon.

Where to buy? Main Shop

June 2011 member gift - Ziva II necklace, earrings & headpieces

Alienbear's June 2011 gift copy only

This Ziva II was modify from Ziva series.

Pre- release as gift for member of "Alienbear design and Le'Cameo Lovers". After June, it will release at normal price at main shop.

Perm for this gift version:- copy only

What inside? necklace, earrings & forehead tiara

How much? FREE

How to get?
Join Alienbear Design & Le'Cameo Lovers in second life ; wear your group tag; go to member shop at Hickok 97 184 278 ; Touch board to get

When? Now till 30 June 2011

** This Ziva II necklace can be wearing with part 2 of Ziva I necklace and comes out another style of necklace.

Ziva model 3

Free ZIva for GLANCE | International Agency

GLANCE june 2011 gift copy only

Ziva Earrings was my Early Mar 2011 virtual jewelry design for second life. Didn't have chance to release till now adding a matching necklace. I donate this pinky colour set to GLANCE international agency as gift for this JUNE 2011. and will back to normal price after JUNE. Due to prim limitation, necklace have to wear on 2 attachment point that comes out 2 designs.

Ziva means Brilliance & Bright. The pearl is the main gem in this design. I get inspirations from spring flowers. In early Spring, A shy lady (the form of flower bud) who is Brilliance & bright deeply inside her heart (Pearl) waiting for her Mr. Right to open her heart. Just like a Flower are now in bud waiting for irrigation in Spring.

Different from my normal work, this time I tried to make something small but delicate. If you zoom closer to the set, you will see I tried to use colour in red group for the gems - light pink, hot pink & red to make the whole design more colourful & animated. To put life into this Ziva collections. It suit all occasions. You can find matching forehead tiara & bracelets at main shop too. Please check the picture on the next blog post.

How much? FREE until the 4 July 2011
Permission? COPY only for this gift version
How to get? Join GLANCE International A-List group today! , touch the board at main shop to get
Where? Main Shop