Sunday, December 20, 2009

Natasja the "Vanda Miss Joaquim"

Natasja poster

Natasja is my Dec 2009 design specially designed for one of the finalist Miss Singapore of Miss MVW Natasja Schumann in matching her national costume gown Joaquim Kebaya collections from Designing Nicky Ree .

I get inspirations from the Singapore's national flower - Vanda Miss Joaquim ; and the national costume gown Joaquim Kebaya collections by Designing Nicky Ree . I've been to Singapore once few years ago. This country give me an image of sunshine, warmth and people there are very friendly with smile always on their face. That mean me think of a beautiful lady surround a brunch of Vanda Miss Joaquim on her neck welcoming me with warm& paceful smile. That make me comes out this design and name this after this year MVW finallist Miss Singapore Natasja Schumann.

Natasja necklace white

I use diamonds and pearls as the main gemstone of this design. Flowers, leaves and bud are the main pattern of this design. To make it more energetic, I used the tiny diamonds with different shape of curve wires to present the lowest part of the petal of the Vanda Miss Joaquim. Leaves pattern use to line up the chain around the neck. Then I put a little white pearl in each of the leaves pattern in representing seeds of the flowers. Finally I add a pear shape diamond in the end of the dangling part to representing the bud of the flower.

Natasja earrings white

In matching the necklace & earrings, I designed the ring and the mini crown for this Natasja.

Right now have platinum, gold and purple version. More gemstone colour will be released by request.

Where to buy?

Two fancy Irish celtic collections specially designed for MVW finalist Miss Ireland will be released next. Stay with us to see more release & Christmas Supprise.