Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Touch the picture to see detail :D

New lucky chairs gifts are now place out at Main store for these 2 months period (2April ~ 2 June 2007). Easter egg is the main design of this set. Yes all are handcrafting with prims, spent me over 48 hours to craft all of these. When you zoom to the necklace, you will find some tiny little pink diamond hearts on the egg & many white diamonds in between the 2 pink saphire lines patern. Well on the arm band, you can even see some cute bunnys. In my orginal design, the arm band suppose to have all bunny around & with the egg look like the necklace one, but then when I tried to link them, it comes out over 500 prims lol & so I need to modify it to a lesser prim design lol

Many customers imed me that they find many people tried to camp for my chairs gifts & then sell out. I am happy about that as that means my lucky chairs gifts are not crabs. lol But well, as these lucky chair gifts are just place out for 2 months & I designed it specially for lucky chairs only. So many people complaint that they can't collect my previous lucky chair full sets. So this month I will place the full set in the MOBVEN also!!! It basically worth over $1000L but if you can bring 16 friends to my store, it may go down to the lowest price .. that is $299L!! But again, I won't sell it in person, if you want to get it.. please get from my lucky chairs or Mobven in this 2 months :D

Where is my main store? http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bratz/212/240/30/