Saturday, March 31, 2007


My 23 Feb 2007 Design. I just craft the Gold version to dark silver version & add few more gemstones for your selections. Handrafting with prims with controlable sparkling. Avaliable at 3/F Belly Jewelry & crown level of Alienbear Design store Le'Bear Castle Bratz ( )

How much? $300L each
Permission? Transfer/ Modify

Discount Member Shop Items updated!

New member discount jewelries have been replaced in Member discount shop for the new 2 weeks period. Yes still 30% off for member discount items. While before I release new items to public, I will firstly place that item in discount shop & give 20% off discount to member for 1 day before releasing to public. Btw, All previous seasonal member gifts have been removed. Next seasonal gift will be release in the coming easter :D The normal member bluestone logo set are still available for new members to get in discount shop near the entrance.

Member discount shop locating at - Only members can enter & can buy the items inside :D