Saturday, April 28, 2007


Some many friends & customers always ask me,
"... Ali, where is your old design?..."
"... Umm your store looks too empty, DO you think about placing back your old items in your store, ali.."
"... Some of your old design are really good, People like shop in store more than online shop! Placing out your old items back.."

Well , I am perfectionist & as I find that my old design's prim work are kinda suck compare to what I do right now. Plus when I see my old vendor picture, I really wanna puke as my old picture are AWEFUL.. VERY! I made those pictures when I can only use 64 ram for the game lol & now .. yes I make my final decision..

"Remake my old design to a bit better prim & Place them back as sets in my store!"

Think this will make many of my Jewelry's fans say "WOOT!"