Thursday, June 21, 2007

Diamond pearl design (Modify from Oct2005 design)

If you were my fans since Oct 2005 (when I firstly start making jewelrylol) , you must know this set. Yes I did another modify at Aug 2006 before & just can find in my webstore. Now I modify it to more better prim again & make them as a set. & increase to 3 pearl colours for your
selections. Same as before the texture on the pearl is moving as it make the pearl look more real when you are wearing. It has a controlable sparkling, not like common bling, once you turn it off, it will off forever till you turn on again. (it apply to all of my ready make jewelry). Here below you can see the acient look of this design haha. lol

Available at :- 2/F Alienbear Design main store

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