Thursday, February 12, 2009

FENG HUANG the true love

Feng Huang poster

Valentine's day is coming. I designed a meaningful set name as Feng Huang (鳳凰). Valentine's day is western day while I am from Hong Kong, so I add my Culture into this lovely day.

Feng Huang (鳳凰) are mythological birds of East Asia that reign over all other birds. Other than Dragon, Feng Huang (鳳凰) is the 2nd representative of China culture. In china's literature, it always used to present the true love between couples.

Feng Huang Necklace all

"Feng" imply male while "Huang" imply female. Here I design this little couple birds kissing with each other and form a heart shape with their pair of wings. Their hearts join from two to one (二合為一) and form a heart in between them. This heart full of tears including happy, sad, warm, touching... all lovely unforgetable memory.

Feng Huang Earrings all

The matching earrings imply before these lovely birds meet, they both holding their own heart with own tears. They seeking for their true love. Finally they met and form the unforgetable and eternity love.

This set imply True love. 二合為一, 刻骨銘心‧永恆不變的愛情 (two in one, unforgetable and eternity love). They are flexi and transferable. Necklace can be modify. A great touching gift for the one you love.

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