Monday, April 20, 2009

Aradia Custom Engagement ring

Aradia custom engagement ring

NOT FOR SALE just for sharing the picture of my artpieces and the love story behind this ring to you.

A man fall in love with a lady even he know this lady has another one by her side for long. He want to give her something special if one day she accept his love. He just like an angel body guard keep staying beside this lady. He build an empty sim just for her. He plan to put this ring in that sim until this lady accept his love & get this girl go to the sim. According to this sweetest man, green is her colour while blue is his.

So I design this ring for him. The story behind this ring...

I use the emerald as the main gem for this design that represent she is the one of the only one in his world. Even there are many admirer arround her, even right now he is not the one in her heart. He will around her protect her & love her. So I use sapphire (represent him) to surround the main Emerald but behind many tiny white diamonds. White Diamond & seagreen diamonds are used the cover the ring band. Just make it more splendid and represent how important is this lady in his heart. and represent how successful is this man & this lady in Second life the Virtual world. I use the lady's name to titled this ring.

~Alienbear Gupte~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lorraine Pearl

Lorraine Pearl poster

This Lorraine series is specially designed to match NARDCOTIX's YSL Special dress. Thanks my assistant Mui Mukerji . I get the inspiration from one of her conversation "Pearl should match.." haha yes Mui love pearls so much while I am diamond lover. But this time I take her suggestion & start designing something fashion but still elegant. The dress have many black dot dot, I suddenly have a picture in my brain ... black pearls raining lol So I use teardrop pearls and black pearls to design this Lorraine series.

It can match every fashion in your wardrobe, no matter causal wear or formal gown. Who don't like fashion and multi-function accessories?! Have black, white and cream pearl colour for your selections.

Where to buy?
- My store at NARDCOTIX ; and
- alienbear's designs main store

Lorraine Pearl whiteLorraine Pearl cream

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

KrisCar Collections the Queen of the World~!!

alienbear's designs poster May09

KrisCar Queen poster KrisCar on ali001

I designed a splendid jewelry set (right picture) for a sweet couple Mr & Mrs. Caudron in early March 2009 for their wedding. The name of this set "KrisCar" is come from first few letters of this couple's name. Lilies and teardrops are the main design of this series. As usual, I just use the regular prims to make this series of jewelry. Diamonds "the symbol of eternity" are the gemstones I selected for this set. I get inspirations from my Jan2007 Princess Gelasia Series and my Feb 2009 Kielo the lily of the Valley.

KrisCar necklace white

The KrisCar necklace have 500 prims in total so have to attach to 2 parts of body due to the sl prim limitations.

KrisCar earrings white

KrisCar Tiara white

By requested, the bride would like a small tiara for wedding so I designed the small version of crown in matching this gorgeous and grand set.

KrisCar Queen Crown white

I love to be royal and be queen so I designed another huge Queen crown in matching this KrisCar neckalce and earrings set. Again due to prim limits, this 405 prims crown have to attach to two part of body. Nevertheless, this is a must Crown for those who love role play as the Queen of the world!

KrisCar Princess on ali001

You don't like that huge? Then this Kriscar II necklace and earrings set can be your other selections. By wearing the elegant forehead tiara, you will become a beautiful princess.

KrisCar II N&E white

I use the middle pieces from the KrisCar set to make this jewelry set. It looks more simple but still grand and gorgeous.

KrisCar forehead tiara white

Same as the KrisCar Queen crown, this forehead tiara excess the prim limit so have to attach to two part of body.

Want to catch all attentions on you?! Want to be the Queen of the World?! or be the fairy tale Princess? Buy this collections now at:-

Gold series and more gemstones selections will release soon, just keep checking with us. Don't forget our Alienbear's Easter Hunting 2009 still on going! Get all the Seven eggs now!

gowns on model:- Nicky Ree
hair on model:- Sky Everett, Etd and Truth
skin on model:- Tuli

Eostre the Goddess of Beginning

Eostre model

Easter is coming!! According to Wikipedia ,

Easter is an important annual religious feast in the Christian liturgical year.[1] According to Christian scripture, Jesus was resurrected from the dead three days[2] after his crucifixion. Many Christian denominations celebrate this resurrection on Easter Day or Easter Sunday[3] (also Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday), two days after Good Friday. The chronology of his death and resurrection is variously interpreted to be between A.D. 26 and 36 ."

Because of this, I select colourful Eggs as the main design of this Eostre Series. Eostre is the name of goddess of beginning. Resurrection of Jesus bring us new life. All back to the beginning. Mystical colourful Eggs hanging on a plant stems. The early Spring dewdrops is falling on the magical eggs, changing to colourful magical teardrops irrigating every creatures' hearts with love.

What are the jewelry pieces in this Series?

Eostre necklace Multi MS

Eostre Earrings Multi MS

Eostre armbands Multi MS

Eostre bracelets Multi MS

Eostre bellyring Multi MS

Eostre forhead tiara Multi MS

Eostre anklets Multi MS

Eostre nosechain Multi MS


More colour will be release soon. Keep checking with us ^^

You can also get some of the above jewelry pieces for free in our Alienbear's Easter Hunting 2009 but in COPY ONLY version. Will last till 15 April 2009. Details please read Alienbear's Easter Hunting 2009.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Easter Hunting 2009

Alienbear's 2009 Easter hunting poster

Seven eggs

This Eostre jewels series are March 2009 virtual jewelry design for Second life.

Eostre is the goddess of begining. I use Egg to design this set. This Easter I select this Multi moonstone gem for our Easter 2009 hunting collections. Total seven pieces which includes forehead tiara, necklace, Earrings, bracelets, armbands, belly ring and anklets. They are hiding in seven eggs. These eggs are hiding in six of my shops. Each eggs will tell you the clue in finding the next egg.

Permission of gift?
copy only

Where to get the first clue?

today till 15 April 2009 0:00slt

Hunting time!!!! Good luck all. Transfer version will release soon.