Friday, February 12, 2010

Princess Venus

Princess Venus Poster draft

After releasing a modern design River of Love, now please to release something sweet and fairy tale for the sweet lady in SL. This set is specially designed for Sparkle Skye Designs in matching her gorgeous & sweet"Ciara fae of love". This set means "true love" and "I am your guadian angle of love". I selected colour gems to match all the colours of her gown.

A touch of Romance Ciara fae of Love

You can check details of this gown @

my triangels II

I get inspiration from the big heart/ the lace pattern of "Ciara fae of love" and the ancient Rome's guardian Angel of love "TriAngels". I love the story of TriAngels. In Italy, girls like to place their Triangles in their rooms and let the TriAngels blessing them. The above pair of TriAngels are one of my rl collections.

Princess Venus necklace white
Princess Venus necklace posters

The Swirls with the teardrop; the delicated heart surrounded by swirls of diamonds and a cascade of tear drops forms a big heart pattern just like the heart pattern on the dress. When you zoom closer to the necklace, you will find that the Swirls with the teardrop in the middle part just like the hat of the TriAngel. This angel of love carries a diamond heart spreading teardrop shape "love seeds" just like cascade... neverending... falling into your hearts. The pattern & diamond hearts at the side just like another two little TriAngels hand by hand hold you tight. The matching earrings is using the main part of the necklace to design.

Princess Venus earrings white
Princess Venus earrings Poster

Where to buy them? Valentine's day area at main shop