Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Queen Posesiva the Queen of Hearts

Queen Posesiva poster III

Queen Posesiva Series are my Early November design that specially design for my SL grandmother Posesiva Ella for her SL wedding in 28 Nov 2009. I get inspiration from the Dancer Dreamer wedding gown from Sparkle Skye Designs and my grandma.

Actually I am not really familiar with this grandmother. All I heard about her is from my SL mother AZULL Ash that already with me since 2006. Don't know why but I just suddenly have that feeling "LOVE" when I know this good news from her. I just want to share my love, my heart, my blessing to her. So I start using "heart" to design this Queen set for her.

Queen Posesiva crown

When I know that my grandma got the dress Dancer Dreamer from my friend Sparkle Skye, requesting for a huge long long gown... I knowmy grandma must be the one who like to be Queen and love huge crowns. So I started designing & creating the crown by using heart patterns.

The middle heart diamond represent "The heart of the Queen". Each of the small heart diamonds around the crowns means "love, passion, hope, future, dream" surrounding around our Queen of Heart. Teardrops diamond just like water drops that use to irrigate & spread the love around the world. & make all feel of love, passion, hope , future & dream.

Due to prim linking limitations, this crown have to attaching to two parts of body. Since there are not much body attachment part at the head, my assistant Mui Mukerji complain that can't wear facelight when my crown need to wear in 2 parts of head. So this time , I added the CG facelight system that is a freesource created by Cognitive Gears. You can turn on / off the facelight; change the light colour; change the radius of the light; change the brightness... etc.

Queen Posesiva necklace

I use the same idea to design this gorgeous queen necklace in matching the crown. As I just use regular linden prims to craft out this design, the total of the prims reach the prim linking limits. So I attach it in two part of body and it comes out two style of necklace.

Queen Posesiva earrings II

Queen Posesiva earrings

These 2 pair of earrings are used to match the above showed necklaces.

Queen Posesiva poster 1

The chandelier style of earrings can also use the match the Queen Posesiva II necklace.

Queen Posesiva II necklace

Queen Posesiva poster II

I also designed a sceptre for this Queen of Heart by using the main design of the crown.

Queen Posesiva sceptre

Apart from the platinum metal, there are gold & Soft Antique gold for your selections. More gemstones colour will be release soon.

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