Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Michela the USA Spirit

Michela model III
Model wearing:-  Skin LAQ/ Hair Amacci/ Jacket Bliss

Michela series was my late 2011 virtual jewelry design for second life, which specially designed for the MVW Miss USA 2012- Miss Michela Benazzi for her pageant. I forget to post on the blog after releasing to group in early 2012, so now blog the brief story of this design. The series including Headpieces, earrings, necklace and bracelets.

I get inspiration from traditional accessory of native Americans, USA Country flowers, USA flag colour, Spirit of modern Americans and formal gown from Mami Jewell.

The original colour are base on the colour of USA flag. This one is the replica in red.

Michela set red

Modifiable & transferable. Due to prim limitation, the necklace have to be wear to 2 body attachment point. and this comes up 2 styles of necklace.
P.S. This length of the necklace is base on Mui Mukerji's Super Model III shape to design.

Michela headpieces red

Modifiable & transferable. Due to prim limitation, the headpieces have to be wear to 3 body attachment points.
P.S. This headpieces are base on Amacci Hair "Melody" to design. 

Transfer only. The pattern at the top of the headpieces and the lowest pattern from the necklace form the spirit & the designs of this earrings.

Michela bracelets red

Modifiable & transferable. This one is the matching bracelet to this series.

Right now just have USA version & red version. Will make more colour by request. Here below are the USA version:-

Michela set Miss USA
Michela headpieces Miss USA
Michela earrings Miss USA
Michela bracelets Miss USA

You will find "No bright" and "Full bright" version for all the non- modifiable pieces. So no need to worry about wearing "a bright light" under the dark anymore. While you can still see what my designs original colour in "full bright" version.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Esmeralda model 1

Esmeralda earrings in platinum metal blue gems was my last year Feb 2011 design ( Read here ) which was specially designed for the charity event Relay for life (RFL) in raising funds for the American Cancer Society. It was designed to match Sparkle Skye's RFL 2011 Tropical Dream.

Meanwhile Miss Greece MVW 2012 - Miss Calypso Oliphaunt approached me to design her national jewelry set for her pageant. I found this earrings so match her gown so I designed the matching Necklace for her show.

Due to prim limitation, the necklace have to be attached to 2 body point. Will release more colour in the future by request.

Esmeralda necklace gold red

Esmeralda earrings gold red

Esmeralda necklace blue

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Queen Maraget ~ 'Share of love"

Queen Maraget models

Queen Maraget was my last year Feb 2011 design (Story behind design) which specially designed to match Nicky Ree's RFL 2011 gowns Tricia and Lana. Now in matching Giselle gown from Sparkle Skye Designs, I made 5 more colour for your selections.

Queen Maraget green model
Model is wearing gown from Sparkle Skye.

Crowns (with big & mini version):-

Maraget big & mini crowns gold white
Maraget big & mini crowns

Transferable only. Each crown pack includes one big crown & one mini crown headpieces. Due to prim limit, both crowns have to be attached to two attachment point.

Necklace (one necklace 2 styles):-

Maraget neck gold white
Maraget necklaces

Modifiable & transferable. Due to prim limit, this necklace have to be attached to two attachment point. and it comes out 2 styles.


Maraget ear gold white
Maraget earrings

Transferable only.


Maraget ring gold white
Maraget rings

Transferable only.

Where to buy matching gowns
Giselle? Sparkle Skye Designs

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