Friday, December 28, 2007

Nature Wonders - Miss SL Costa Rica 2008

I am honored to be invited by Giancarlo Takacs to design & sponsor a Crown with matching jewelry set for the Miss SL Costa Rica 2008. You can see the crown at SL Costa Rica .

The Crown & the jewelry set were inspired by the natural beauties of Costa Rica. Rubies & Diamonds are the main gemstones selected for this crown design.

The 8 flowers with the ruby pear shape gemstones represent the beautiful flora Costa Rica is famous for; represent the red on the National flag which shows the warmth of Costa Rican people, their passion for peace; and represents one of Costa Rica's most famous landmarks... The Volcanoes. The delicated Heart designs under the flower patterns means love. The diamond teardrops, "the morning dewdrops" , represent fresh, young, energetic & pure.

The Crown not for sell but just for the future Miss SL Costa Rica who has the above mentioned personality. The new SL Costa Rica 2008 will be chosen in 29 Dec 2007 11:00am sl time at this venue. I am honored to be one of the judges!! Really exciting to see who will be the winner that can enter the Miss Universe in the next!!

The Earrings & Necklace set will be release soon with more colour. Keep in touch with us :D

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

XMAS 07 Surprise Seven- For Member

These are Xmas 2007 member gifts to all my precious VIP update group members :D Really sorry that these days I am so busy in both rl classes & my sl work, so sent this out late. But wish you all my members love them :D

Well same as all my previous member gifts. Just designed for my members who join my VIP groups before the time I send the to group (yes already sent out). Not for sale & is unique. They are including 3 kinds of necklace that for different gender/ age of you:- Kid/ Lady/ Man. They are no mod & no transfer.

For those who read this blog but not my members. It may be a pity that you can't get this set BUT You still have opportunity to get my seasonal member gift sets in the future if you join my group in world. Just back to SL, then touch Search & go to group then type "Alienbear" & you will see my group. Just join & you still have opportunity to get my 2006 member gift set, my Giftcard discount (50% off) for Xmas , XMAS 07 deerhorn lady necklace For Member, discount price in some member jewelries & my coming seasonal gift set :) <Member Discount Shop>

Btw, don't miss out the "50% off sale!!!", the luckychair sets ( Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Platinum sets & Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Gold sets) & the our XMAS 07 Surprise Four - DEC 07 MOBVEN SETs for this month!!! More mobven sets that with our entire lucky chair gifts beside the Landing point are coming soon!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Soko Music note set (Member only)

In 19 August 2007, I designed a set for a Soko Yoshiyuki live concert in sl (Special Design For "Soko 1st Live Music Concert"). After that, I received so many request about where they can buy one since many can't even enter the concert place. I nearly forget this design in my inventory till today I am trying to pack up my entire Luckychair sets for my mobvens.

After some considerations, I finally set this sets up at Member Discount Shop & sell at $10L. It is no mod/no transfer. If you love this design, just join "Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers",wear your tag & then go to Member Discount Shop to get this.

Promote intellectual property - Alienbear Gupte's Ornament

To celebrate the season of giving and creating we are launching phase I of a campaign to build awareness of how important intellectual property is for the growth and health of the Second life community. Nicky Ree & Anita Cassini organized this project to gather all sl content creator togethers & make our Ornament to spread out the words.

I am one of the Content Creator that design jewelry so I design this Ornament as gift to all of you. It is in around 0.5 X0.5 size. Good for place on your Christmas tree :D It is copyable & transfer, good as a little gifts & for decorations :D

Where to get this Ornament? My Ornament at On rez
Where to get other Ornament of other creator? Other Ornaments at On rez

Let's concern about intellectual property! Thanks !!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

XMAS 07 Surprise Six - For Member

If you are my member before Last Christmas, you will feel this design is so familiar , this was the design of the Christmas2006 Man member gift (Check the Last pic). Many members ask me if I will make lady version. So this year, Before I send out the special Christmas Member gifts, I make you a first surprise- the lady version deer horn necklace (free). If you are not member but love this design? Just join "Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers",wear your tag & then go to Member Discount Shop to get this. Since this is member gift so it is no transfer & no modify.

Want more surprise? Keep checking our updated news!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Shine" Charity Auction set

To help "Shine" to raise fund for Doctor Without Border, I design a special edition set of "Princess Christal" that come with Crown, earrings, necklace, ring, and Bracelet. This is one of a kind & donate for the Shine Charity Auction. You can bid this set from now till 24 Dec 2007 Midnight at Metrol Model auction place. This set is Transferable so it is an great gift for yourself or your lover! Yes you will be the only one have it If you can get the bid!!

Apart from this Special Edition Set, I am so glad that my extremely generous friend "Lilprincess Snowdrop" donate her three Unique Queen Galaxy Sets that designed by me for this auction. Thank you so much Snow for your support your love & your generous. I will place out some pictures here as soon as possible.

All these four set are now available for you to bid at Metrol Model auction place!

XMAS 07 Surprise Five - 50% off sale!!!

Yes 50% off sale!!!

Now till 1 Jan 2008
Where? Alienbear's 4 jewelry lines at
Le'bear Castle
Which in 50% off? Vendor Box with "Red" frame

Do a huge jewelry shopping at
Le'bear Castle now! Buy some holiday gifts for yourself & the one you love!

Don't forget our Luckychair gifts ( Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Platinum sets & Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Gold sets )& our XMAS 07 Surprise Four - DEC 07 MOBVEN SETs for this month!!! More mobven sets that with our entire lucky chair gifts beside the Landing point are coming soon!

Come now!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

XMAS 07 Surprise Four - DEC 07 MOBVEN SETs

I created an special edition of APUTSIAQ jewelry set including choker, earrings, necklace, ring, bellyring & Bracelet; & then 3 Party Crowns in Platinum, gold & combined version. The basic design is a snowflake & the melting icicle. Snowflake & melting snow always in white so I tried to combine platinum & gold in this design to make it more "holiday feel". CHRISTMAS is a big holiday so is a must to join some party. & this cute party crown can be a cute stunning hair accessory no matter what outfit you gonna wear!

I packed them with my Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Platinum sets & Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Gold sets ; & put them into one of my Mobven outside BijouxOr Design Main Store.

Love this design? Good, just go to Alienbear Design main store, Le'bear Castle, This packed jewelries (21 pieces in total) placed in the mob ven in between 2 stores with starting price $3000L , More friend you bring to the front of the mobVen, More lower will be the price of this set. The lowest price of it will be $299L!! These sets come with 21 pieces. Same as all my previous design, they are all craft by primary prims & is my original design. It will be placed in main castle from today to 31 Jan 2008. Same as all my previous Mobven gifts, they are:-
- not for sell now or in the future
- transferable
- just can be get from the mobven

Want more Surprise? Keep in touch with us!!

P.S. Hair from Zero

Monday, December 17, 2007

XMAS 07 Surprise TWO - DEC 07 Lucky chair Gifts

"Aputsiaq " means snowflake, is a 5 pieces winter jewelry set for Dec-Jan lucky chair gifts at Alienbear Design main store. When you touch the picture, you will see the details of the pieces. The main design is a cute little snowflake & the crystal icicle. To collect the full set, you need to sit on all 5 lucky chairs that hiding in Alienbear Design main store, Le'bear Castle. The full set including ring, bracelet , choker, earrings & the belly ring.

It will be placed in main castle from today to 31 Jan 2008. Same as all my previous lucky chair gifts, they are:-
- not for sell now or in the future
- transferable
- just can be collect from the lucky chairs

Other 5 chairs in gold line will be update soon, so keep checking my design blogs or check my inworld update group for any future release!

Get ready now! & go to Alienbear Design main store to find all 5 chairs & collect this full set NOW!!

Want more Surprise? Keep in touch with us!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

XMAS 07 Surprise ONE for MEMBERS!!

Dear my Update Group members,

From today till the last day of this year(2007), All MEMBERS can have 50% discount in purchasing the Giftcards ($500L, $1000L, $2000L, $3000L gift cards) at Member Discount Shop!! All Giftcards are packed in a Very cute Prim Christmas socks shown on the above pictures. Just wear your "Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers" Group Tag & then Teleport to Member Discount Shop. Touch to pay the "Giftcard Sock pack" you want to buy!

Not our member but still want to buy this lovely cute bear with the gift card for your friends? No worry, You can buy this in the original price at main store of Alienbear Design & BijouxOr Design! Can buy from My Onrez shop too!!

Great Holiday Gifts! It is also cute to place these Christmas socks on your door or under your tree too!

Want more Surprise? Keep in touch with us!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Xmas Collection I - Princess Krystelle

Princess Krystelle is My First XMAS 2007 collection. Snowflake, icicle & snowdrops are the main design of this set. You will see that the big snowflake design was my early April 2007 snowflake if you familiar with my few Snow Queen Nevada Set, Princess Nieve set & Lil Princess Eira set! This come with Necklace & earring sets, crown, Ring & bracelets. You can touch the above picture to see the details of this design. More pictures at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

They are transferable & you can buy them in separate Or if you want full set, you can touch the model at my Alienbear Design main store to pay. It will save you around 35% if you buy the full set. Nice holiday gift for yourself & your friends.

More is coming, just keep in touch with us to see the new release.

P.S. Hair from ETD Salon, Gown from Blaze

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"Princess Christal" Design for "SHINE"

To help "Shine" to raise fund for Doctor Without Border, I design an elegant Jewelry set named as "Princess Christal". Christal means crystal- the ice. Winter is coming. I get inspiration from snow, icicle & snowflake in designing this gorgeous holiday ball set.

This Jewelry Set comes with Necklace, Earrings & a ring. You can touch the above pictures to see the details.

The main designs of this sets are the spiral shape with the dropping teardrop diamonds. The tiny round diamond on the chain just like "snow". It fall down from the sky & form some crystal patterns. some are "S" shape" some are spiral shape. There even a little tiny snowflake in the middle of the necklace. The snow form some icicle on the spiral crystal & the melting snow form some teardrops shape crystal when they cool down again.

The earrings are cut from the middle part of the necklace. But the tiny little teardrops inside the spiral change to a ball shape crystal.

The ring design is the tiny snowflake with a teardrop diamond. Just like the necklace & the earrings, there is a tiny little diamonds in the middle of the snowflake. To make it more elegant , I make it like a crown shape while the base of the ring consists of many tiny little round diamonds. Since I want to use icicle in whole set, I put some tiny irregular lines & make it look like melting icicle forming in between the crown ring.

ONLY 55* Sets of Platinum will place in Alienbear Design Main Store at Le'Bear Castle from today to 1 Jan 2007. Gold version will coming soon. They are Transferable. The necklace can be modify. All money collected from these limited edition set will donate to "SHINE" which will go to the Doctor Without Border.

BUY this elegant set & can help more people! Go to Alienbear Design Main Store at Le'Bear Castle to buy it now! Don't like this set but still want to donate money to "SHINE"? You can donate money to the little "shine" box beside the "shine" ads inside my store.

*Since I make a mistake in setting "set 29" as sell as copy, after deducting the remaining set, I find that I still over sell 5 sets silver. So I modify the Platinum set from 50 to 55 while Gold from 50 to 45.

P.S. Hair from ETD Salon, Gown from Blaze