Thursday, December 24, 2009

XMas 2009 Suprise III - FOR VIP MEMBERS

Dear my "Alienbear's Design & Le' Cameo Lovers" Group members,

Due to my real life movement... Sorry that this year I maybe don't have time to make any member gifts for you guys. But I placed back my entire Christmas member gifts at Member Discount Shop. And you still can use 10% off discount to purchase the gift card there. These gift card can still be used in this 50% Annual sale at main shop. Here are my entire Christmas member only gifts :-

Xmas08 lady member gift

Xmas08 man member gift

Xmas08 kid member gift

Well same as all my member gifts. Just designed for my members who join my VIP groups "Alienbear's Design & Le'Cameo lovers" . Not for sale & is unique. They are including 3 kinds of necklace that for different gender/ age of you:- Kid/ Lady/ Man. They are no mod & no transfer.

How to get these Member gifts?

Join "Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers", Wear your group tag & then go to Member Discount Shop . Touch the poster to get.


Now till 1 Jan 2010 sl time 11:59pm.

XMas 2009 Suprise II - Lucky chair gifts

Lucky Santa!

I started designing special lucky chair gift jewels in every big season since Sept 2006. All are my original designs that crafting by linden regular prims. Every pieces have their stories.... This christmas I placed back few of my lucky chairs gifts inside this santa chair:-

- Dec 2006 LC gifts
- July 2007 LC gifts
- Dec 2006 LC gifts

Total 32 pieces inside the Santa lucky chair.

Permission:- Transferable
When? Now until 1 Jan 2010 sl time 11:59pm
Where? Christmas area

XMas 2009 Suprise I - 50% off ANNUAL SALE

Xmas09 annual sale ads

Jewelry that release on or before Jun 2009 will be in 50% off. Just find that products that marked "50% off" from ground floor to upper floor at main shop. This sale including product inside "ring" room & "extraoringinary" room.

now until 24 Jan 2010

main shop