Friday, August 12, 2011

Bubble Dream

Bubble Dream necklace all

Bubble Dream earrings all

Bubble Dream belly ring all

Bubble Dream was my July 2011 design specially for Chic Management hunting event. This set have earrings, necklace & belly ring. Have 9 colours for your selections.

I get inspiration from my bubble bath one day when I back home from school. I was horribly busy and sleepy after few days overnight work. That night my brain was empty. I jumped into my lavender bubble bathing & start to play with those bubbles. I was frustrated & feeling lonely due to those never-ending works. Suddenly thought of my SL mom AZULL Ash who always tell me she feel lonely. I looked at my bubbles & suddenly comes out a crazy thought! If me Ali can turn into bubbles & tie on mom AZULL neck, ears & belly & hand & arm.. I can be always with her protecting her & let her feel of love. Just like a teddy bear hugs by me! Because of this bubble bath, I come up this fun design.

Do you have the same feeling as me having someone in your mind want to protect forever; hug forever; love forever? Let's turn into bubbles , tie on her neck and be the body guard of the one you love, you care. Let her know you will be always by her side no mater where she is. Great gift for your mom, your daughter and your beloved one!

Permission:- transferable with necklace modifiable
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P.S. The green necklace & earrings are selected to be donated to the Platinum hunt events, please check this post for details.