Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Precious Queen & Princess Series

In Nov 2009, I designed a Queen & princess Series for the Queen of My Precious that run by Agnes Finney of My Precious. Though at this moment, unless you win the contest this year. you can't own the Queen jewelries that are in pink pearl. (You can read the story behind these series @ post 1, post 2, Post 3, Post 4, Post 5 ) But you can still have chance to own the same design of Precious Queen series in Diamond & white pearl.

Precious Queen 003

I get inspirations from the logo and the queen contest of My Precious. On her logo, there is a butterfly; the creations by her is kinda girly and classy. That make me think of "flowers" & "butterflies". Therefore I use my Chouko Set to design this Queen crown. Details design story you can read post 1 & post 2.

Precious Queen crown white

Due to prim limit, this crown have to attach to 2 part of body. An CG facelight hud that is a freesource created by Cognitive Gears, is added in this crown. So for those who like to use facelight, you won't have any trouble in finding another attachment point for your own facelight. You can turn on / off the facelight; change the light colour; change the radius of the light; change the brightness... etc. If you don't wear facelight at normal, you can just wear the hud & turn it off.

Precious Queen necklace white

Due to prim limit, the necklace has to attach to 2 part of body. That comes up two designs. I designed two style of earrings in matching the big necklace (left) & the Part I necklace (right).

Precious Queen Earrings II white Precious Queen Earrings I white

Precious Queen scepter white

I use the main design of the necklace in designing a matching scceptre.

Precious Queen 001

Precious Queen Earrings III white Precious Queen Earrings IV white

Base on the necklace design, I designed another two style of Big earrings that you can wear alone without necklace.

Precious Queen 002

Precious Queen 004

Precious Princess Mini Crown white

This mini crown design was designed for the monthly princess of My Precious . (You can read details in Post 5).

Precious Queen 005

This Princess series was designed for the 2nd & 3rd runner up of Queen of My Precious . (you can read Post 3 ).

Precious Princess Crown white

Precious Princess necklace white

Precious Princess earrings white

I will try to make more gemstone colour & metal later. These series perfectly match Bridal, formal, even causal / Glam/ Cute ladies. Be the Queen of butterfly of the magic garden now!

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