Sunday, April 20, 2008

Princess Carita RFL Limited Set

Finally have time to make the Relay for Life 2008 Designs for the Designers in Seduction RFL team. ^^ To help raising more fund for the American Cancer Society, I designed this Princess Carita Limited edition Set.

I named it as "Princess Carita" since "Carita" is pet form of CARA. It may also be derived from Late Latin caritas "love, charity". (Quoted from I get the inspiration from this Relay for life charity event. This event is to help raising fund for the American Cancer Society while in second life, people are from all over the world. That make me think of a colourful flying hearts. The generous people from all over the world show their warm flying heart, love , charity to people in America. The charity no more just in one country but spread all over the world! With the flying hearts patterns in different form, it comes up this lovely & gorgeous design.

I placed the jewelry pieces of this set including necklace, earrings, bracelets, crown, ring and scepter to Six RFL vendors. It is LIMITED EDITIONS & will available In between Alienbear Design & BijouxOr design main stores from today till 17 June 2008. You just need to donate the minimum amount listed at the right bottom corner of every vendors and you can have these lovely pieces.

Apart from this limited edition, another normal version in 8 colour gemstones will be release soon, just keep checking our blogs or updated group notice :)