Tuesday, March 17, 2009

VernaRosa the Spring Rose

VernaRosa X Versace poster white

VernaRosa posterII

This is specially designed in matching Versace gown from My Precious by Agnes Finney. I am really happy to meet this sl designer that come from the same place as me! Since in sl, it is hardly find one that from Hong Kong lol Because of this, I designed this set to match her coming gown Versace gown.

I get inspiration from Versace gown and Spring. Agnes's gown have some roses on it so I use rose as the main design of this series. Well same as all my previous designs, I just use regular prims to make the jewels.

VernaRosa necklace white

In early spring, the flowers start growing. So here I use the halfly open rose and the bud in designing this necklace. I use the pear shape diamond surrounding with tiny round diamonds to represent the rose bud. the tiny diamonds on somepart of the necklace imply the spring dewdrops. It comes out like hanging the Spring roses on your neck with some dewdrops on the stem. The young halfly opening rose smile shy to welcome the Spring. It give the feeling of reborn, energytic, fresh and happy.

VernaRosa earrings white

For the matching earrings, maybe you will ask me where is the rose? I want to make them not look like too bulky when wearing the necklace. So I just use the rose buds to design this pair of earrings. The necklace have three rose and two rose bud, therefore I use five different shape of pear shape to present the rose buds in each ear. The round diamond here imply water. In this early spring, tiny rain fall into the rose bud. Irrigating it and bring new lives to the flowers and appearing just like the flowers I designed in the necklace.

Gold version added (at 2011 July 29)

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